Zorrin the Ichorous

From After the Aether Age
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I couldn't find a pic with the tubes so lets pretend

An unnerving elven alchemist, corrupted by experiments with chaos magic. Served Lord Arva was assigned to aid - and spy on - the League of the Golden Beacon.


Leave the mask on

His body is no longer fully solid, allowing him to elongate or destabilize into liquid as convenient. Wears an intubated mask through which flows his namesake ichor. When removed, his form and mind dissolve into a giant, shifting, violent mass of ooze. Lord Arva possesses backups.

Was followed to a meeting of chaos cultists somewhere in Twinpyre.

Used to have a laboratory in Golarth, before Ignis blew it up.

Seemed quite interested in Ekkels and the chaos magic inhabiting him.

Last seen when thrown overboard the Gladius by Robin and Kidritch.


Unstable, amorphous form
Amoral abomination


Inconsistent form
Can reshape himself or adopt liquid qualities with a thought, twisting his anatomy into impossible contortions.
If his stabilizer mask is removed, he becomes an unstoppable mass of chaos-infused ooze.