Vicriax of the Gold

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An ambitious part-dragon member of the Torch Council of Fuel. Leader of her own adventuring party, the League of the Golden Beacon.


Haughty, scheming, and manipulative, Vicriax is as much a politician and a mercenary as a Torch hero. She's willing to get her hands dirty and cast aside rivalries if the ends justify it, but she seems to keep her loyalties close to her chest.

Has done favors for members of the other Councils, notably reporting to Lord Arva.


Led the infiltration of the Windwatcher's Keep, weakening its defenses for the Torch invasion.

Assumed dead at the hands of the party after their assault aboard the Gladius.

Led the assassination of Onox of the Emerald alongside the party.



Blood of the Gold, who spoke to fire
Nobility of the Torch Council of Fuel
Won’t suffer undue indignity


Faked her death


Golden Fire Breath
Can summon and control small flames, or shoot streams of golden fire. Seems to be fireproof.
Dragon Wings
Normally folded up behind her, but can fly and carry burdens with a little effort.