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The quiet sage-in-training of a clan of free kobolds, nomads of the Torch wastes. Works as an adventurer-mercenary to support them.


The student of Sage Arijat, he channels a mysterious shamanistic song-magic through his clan's bone harp. This magic summons glowing, half-real phantasms of scaled heroes to fight and serve. Despite this ostentatious ability, he tends to avoid any spotlight, performing his duty without complaint or comment.

Celebrated by his clan. Among friends and family, he becomes much warmer and more sociable.

Willing to lay down past hostilities with the party, save a touch of ire. His clan, however, is more protective of him and more willing to hold a grudge.


Helped Robin, Ignis, and Klaitos return to Twinpyre after they fell into the lake below Onox's Eye.



Champion and Protector of the nomads
Music calls the echoes of scaled heroes


Sage of the Bone Harp
Can summon and command spectral, scaled heroes to perform tasks and do battle.