Tigni Fireheart

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The studious and imperious daughter of House Fireheart, sometime argumentative sister to Ignis and heir to Lord Fireheart's seat on the Council of Iron.


A young woman with a composed demeanor, most in her element when dealing with matters of nobility and politics, prone to sensible terror when thrust into the life-and-death circumstances of adventuring.

Broadly studied; a talented student of pyromancy.

In many ways, Lord Fireheart's ideal progeny, to the extent that he explicitly circumvented Ignis's seniority to designate her his heir.

Willing to help Ignis directly when her father wasn't, though wouldn't condone his disregard for law and order.


Abducted by the party from aboard the Gladius.



Heir to the Fireheart mantle, name, and reputation
Dedicated student of many disciplines
Pyromancer adept
Long-term aspirations
Diminished sense of fun
Ignis isn’t a villain, just misguided


Can temporarily assume a form of living flame. In this form, she can pass through porous or flammable mediums, resist being physically harmed, and fly. Attacks with fireballs even when human.