The Windwatcher's Keep

From After the Aether Age
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The descendants of Torch mutineers surviving in austere conditions, headquartered in a stolen flying fortress super-weapon. Led by the Gale Queen, descendant of the officer that called for the mutiny and died to see it through.

After generations as a hidden refuge on a floating island at the northern edge of the continent, their peace was shattered by Torch espionage. The island was abandoned in the conflict, left to crash into the earth as the fortress core flew to safety. Its remaining civilians were brought to a mysterious refuge by the Cult of the Petalbearer. The Gale Queen’s fleet flew to wage guerilla war on the Torch.

In this, they have been aided by the sabotage and machinations of the players. With the Councils divided and the foundations of the Empire cracking, the Keep sees an opportunity to topple their ancient foe, liberate its oppressed masses, and secure a lasting peace.

Scale 3

Known Aspects

Rogue force in a flying fortress fighting for a future free of tyranny
Repurposed Torch superweapon sought after by all the wrong hands
Sustained by a carefully-harnessed Aether Fountain
Proud free mutineers
Last great bastion of hope


Force +3
Intelligence +4
Loyalty +4
Wealth +2