Session Log 2022-11-07

From After the Aether Age
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Hovering outside of the Daybreak Estate, Robin used an illusion of Krotokos's voice to order the remaining prison guards downstairs. She slipped quietly into the room in which the merchant Geral the Generous was caged. In order to keep his blabbermouth from blowing their cover, she disguised herself to appear as a Torch noble and immediately told him to keep his mouth shut. His deference proved greater than his obsequity, and he obliged as she made short work of his cage's lock. He, Oliod, and Alena gathered with Tigni on the carpet hovering outside.

Klaitos turned to the fight against Krotokos to aid Ignis, still clinging to his back. The pirate mob cheered Klaitos and Ignus on, disregarding or forgetting the Thundercaller's enmity towards the former in the turnabout against the detested captain of the Titanhammer. The two of them were able to lay low the mountain giant, with Ignis driving his sword into his lung. Klaitos retrieved Krotokos's maul from the lakefloor and noticed it to be an artifact inscribed in old Giant.

Robin and Ekkels stole across the still-empty hallway to free the final prisoners, two cousins of House Invernus. Upon entering, they realized that the kids were much younger than expected - preteens at the oldest - and deeply scared. Ekkels noticed they were especially anxious at Robin's noble guise, and even after she dismissed it, they seemed as though they were hiding something. Robin nonetheless dismantled the lock with a speed and ease from having just picked three others of the same make.

The crowd cheered Ignis and Klaitos as the new captains of the Titanhammer, their ascendancy secured by their ignoble trial by combat. Ignis attempted to use the crowd's adulation to turn them against the other captains, but was recognized as the Fireheart guy from the wanted posters. The crowd's mood soured to have cheered on a Torch noble, but before the mob could turn on him, Ignis declined the captaincy of the Titanhammer and suggested that it was up for grabs. The pirates descended into a brutal king-of-the-hill race to the hangar.

Robin, Ekkels, and the freed cousins returned to the hallway but found it no longer deserted. To their right, the prison guards were storming up the stairs, having realized the duplicity of "Krokotos" ordering them down. To their left, Cayrin Corvaine was leading a team of halflings downstairs from the master suite. They closed the door to the cousin's suite before any projectiles could hit them.

Having lost sight of Golroga in the melee, Ignis and Klaitos were reminded that the fight hadn't ended with Krotokos's defeat by the Catch of the Day hovering into view. Klaitos bore Ignis upriver, wading against the stream to keep away from the cannibals' ship wrapped in quivering flesh. Impeded by the weight of both Ignis and Krotokos's maul, Klaitos tripped badly when his leg was suddenly pulled from beneath him. He and Ignis found themselves facing a hideously-mutated Golroga, his left half morphed into something resembling an octopus.

Ekkels focused on the magic of the carpet and mentally guided it and its passengers over the Daybreak Estate. Robin drew some pitons from her pack and began sealing the door. Her work served to hold the pirates back for a few crucial seconds - by the time they broke through, she was the last one climbing out the window to the carpet. Cayrin, in a fury, fired a dart from a hidden mechanism on her long pipe, but it flew wide of the departing thief.

Unable to fight the Red Chef without stable footing, Ignis swam for the river shore. The Catch of the Day's tendrils twitched and launched at him, only to be deflected by a powerful swing of Klaitos's newly-acquired hammer. Klaitos moving to intercept gave Golroga an opening to grapple him with multiple tentacles, mimicking Ignis's humiliating manuever from the fight before. Ignis climbed out of the river and, lacking a means of fighting back against the ship-abomination, slipped into the crowd of pirates brawling their way to the Titanhammer.

Robin and Ekkels flew the carpet east, towards the thin line of trees and anti-peasant wards at the perimeter of Dawnfont. With eight passengers in total, the artifact's magic was able to maintain flight, but was slowed by the excess weight to the pace of a brisk walk. Behind them, they could see the Queen of Crows floating next to the master suite. Cayrin and her crew raced back aboard the vessel to catch the thieves and recapture the captives.