Session Log 2022-11-01

From After the Aether Age
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Ignis dove into the water, hoping to swim fast enough to evade Krotokos leaping down at him. The giant's maul struck the diving bridge, sending chunks of it splashing down into the river around Ignis. Though unable to swim fast enough to escape the barrage, Ignis dodged the largest chunks and grabbed ahold of one with which to paddleboard downriver. He led Krotokos on a chase - the giant was able to wade through the shallow water, but unable to close into melee distance. Mobs of pirates gathered, hurling insults, garbage, and weapons at the fleeing Fireheart. Ignis was able to dive under their projectiles and surface at the slope leading down to the lake. Behind him, Krotokos smashed through the bridge they were standing on for getting in his way.

Outside, Klaitos raced across Dawnfont, hoping to lose the searchlights of the Queen of Crows by ducking into the cramped, mazelike lower floor of the Hangar. Guided by the searchlight, a mob of mutant pirates rushed over the hill to block his path, with the Red Chef Golroga at their lead, swearing vengeance on the one that tore the dining hall down on them. Klaitos barrelled through most of the crowd, but the captain and some of his crew were able to seize ahold of the giant and get some decisive stabs in. Klaitos weathered the blow and used his momentum to leap forward and slam the pirates off of him. Taking the lead, he rushed into the hangar and left Golroga behind. The Queen of Crows turned back towards the Estate, Cayrin ostensibly willing to leave this matter in Golroga's unwashed hands.

With Krotokos in pursuit of Ignis, the hallway of the Daybreak Estate was clear. Robin changed her guise to that of one of the pirate guards lying drugged on the floor. She and Ekkels left Alena to reunite with her fiancee as they slipped back out of his prison-suite. Going off of Alena's memorized bar gossip, Robin knocked on the door to the room in which Tigni was being held. A mutated pirate confronted her with suspicion. She sold him the lie that Krotokos had ordered that he be relieved of his post to patrol for more intruders.

As the gullible pirate opened the door to let them in, Ekkels spotted motion in the shadows of the room. Tigni's alarmed reaction to their arrival helped him realize that a Corvaine halfling with a green-tinted mirror had seen through Robin's cover and was making for a window to escape. Robin was busy faking camaraderie with the pirate, so Ekkels took matters into his own hands and hurled a jolt of chaos magic at the spy. The spell struck the halfling and knocked him out of the window before he could raise the alarm. However, the chaos magic manifested in halfling's robes burning like a sparkler as he plummeted in full view of the villa, robbing their caper of any remaining stealth. Robin took advantage of the mutant guard's surprise to bludgeon him unconscious with her crossbow.

Ignis made it to the lake barely ahead of Krotokos, surrounded by bridge debris and flailing pirates having an impromptu swim. He dove, aiming to swim to the safety of the depths, as the giant leapt from the top of the incline at him. He was unable to swim deep enough to avoid the blow, and Krotokos's maul, only barely blunted by the impact with the lake, smashed into his spine. He choked back a cough and pulled himself deeper into the lake, out to where Krotokos would have to swim and be unable to wield his ridiculous weapon.

Klaitos, in the cramped halls of the hangar, heard the sounds of a ship rising above. He attempted to sneak out but was confronted by Golroga and some of his crew. The cannibal's forearm had been warped into something halfway resembling a hound's head, complete with fangs and a pointed nose. Klaitos realized that he was being tracked and elected to fall back on speed over stealth. Rather than try to fight the pirates, he turned around and raced for an exit on the other side of the building. Outside, most of the mobs' attention was on the fight between Ignis and Krotokos, and so was able to slip into the river unseen and creep down towards his bludgeoned teammate.

Om the other side of Dawnfont, Robin made haste with Tigni's lock. Ekkels, hearing the guard pirates coming up the stairs, dragged a heavy desk noisily across the floor. Robin's focus was threatened but not lost, and she was able to free the younger Fireheart just as the cavalry arrived. The makeshift barricade held against their battering. Tigni, her magic still sealed, took the unconscious guard's shortsword. Ekkels unrolled the magic carpet he had been wearing as a robe and stepped back aboard with Robin. Tigni climbed on carefully as the embroidery glowed with power and the two of them gained control over the artifact. The group flew out into the night sky, Ekkels manuevering them away from the projectiles of the pirate mob below. They took the carpet to the other side of the Estate to rescue the other prisoners. Robin, heroism far from mind, was eager to deny the pirates their access to the anti-peasant ward.

Krotokos began hammering the water, creating large splashes but coming nowhere near striking Ignis. Klaitos bullrushed the other giant midswing and attempted to grapple him. Krotokos venomously told Klaitos that he had already dealt his teammate a serious blow and was eager to hurt him next; Klaitos ignored the barb and fought him hand-to-maul. Ignis swam back to the fray and clung to Krotokos's back like a wet rag; enraging the giant and disrupting his balance, tipping the melee into Klaitos's favor.

It was then that Golroga caught up to the fight, leapt into the lake, and began swimming over to Klaitos, undaunted by the prospect of hunting in the water. Klaitos responded by summoning choppy winds to kick the river into a frothing spray, deterring the Red Chef's advance. Krotokos attempted to pull Ignis off of his back, but struggled against the the latter's drunken might and sheer stubbornness. Ignis, unwilling to jeopardize his tactical positioning enough to strike the giant directly, opted instead to humiliate the man before his crew and fleet-mates. He shouted about how Krotokos was too weak to fight off even a lout like himself. His mockery stirred the general resentment into outright mutiny, the crowd beginning to cheer "Pukestain" on in his battle against the captain.