Session Log 2022-10-19

From After the Aether Age
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The party was still separated in two - Ignis and Klaitos lurking near the Feast Hall had just caught sight of Ekkels and Robin signalling them from behind the Daybreak Estate. Ignis didn't want to linger after Krotokos threatened Tigni's life. He reasoned that he was unusually anonymous among party. He split up from Klaitos and joined the pirate mob, nonchalantly heading towards Robin and Ekkels. Robin, dreading Ignis's "contribution" to her infiltration, elected to grab Ekkels and promptly follow Alena inside, as if participating in whatever agenda had brought the bartender to the Daybreak Estate.

Klaitos, for his part, decided to abandon any pretense of a discreet approach and tore down the supporting structures of the feast hall, causing it to collapse in a heap of sawdust, foodstains, and belligerent mutant pirates. The searchlights of the Queen of Crows swivelled on the spot to mark his location. Ignis used the distraction to slip across the bridge, following a few yards behind Ekkels and Robin.

Klaitos, with the attention of all of Dawnfont upon him, stirred the winds to create a storm of demolition-dust. He flung that storm before him, blinding the massed pirates in his path, and barrelled across the bridge. Some unfortunate pirates were tripped, shoved into the waters, or punted aside in his rush. The searchlight, however, was undaunted by his efforts. Not wanting to bring heat upon his party members, Klaitos raced past the estate and tried to find a way to vanish from sight.

Robin and Ekkels entered the estate and found the first floor to have been made an impromptu brig with a few guards overseeing several rope- and chain-trussed pirates, mostly unconscious. They smoothly followed Alena up the stairs as Ignis stepped inside. Thinking of the luxurious facilities of the estate suites, he claimed to be in need of a shower. He was told to take his stench to the hangar tubs like everyone else; the captives were being upstairs and the rooms and their facilities weren't for general use. He threatened a series of escalating public befoulings, then, as a giant stood to act as a bouncer, swiftly and horrifically stabbed him in the crotch. The intimidation tactic, coupled with the apocalyptic noises and dust storm outside, warded off the other guards for fear that something had driven the partygoers mad outside.

Outside, Klaitos decided to use a small one-story bungalow to get out from under the searchlight's glare. He slammed through a wall, pivoted, and ran out at an odd direction, hoping to shake the Queen of Crows with unpredictable movement and lingering clouds of dust. While he was able to get the light out of his eyes for a few moments, he was not stealthy enough to easily cross from the bungalow to the Daybreak Estate. He noticed a halfling searching the dust clouds a mere moment before the halfling noticed him. His attempt to stifle the alarm with swift violence was unsuccessful; the halfling screamed as he was sent flying, and the searchlights were upon him once more. Cayrin taunted him, saying that he could simply knock if he wished to surrender himself to Krotokos.

Robin and Ekkels reached the second floor of the Estate. The layout was fairly basic - a hallway stretching from a south stairwell down to a north stairwell up, with two doors on either side. Krotokos eyed the newcomers with suspicion, sitting at the end of the hall with a collosal warhammer on his lap, but Robin quickly excused the two of them as Alena's aides and slipped into the first door on the right, where she had heard the woman enter ahead of them. Within, Alena stood over the prone bodies of two pirates, foaming at the mouths. She was struggling to pick the lock of a cage, inside which lay a man in tattered finery, quietly sobbing and somehow even more prone than the pirates.

Though alarmed at their intrusion, Alena was reassured when Robin offered to use her better lockpicks to help out at negotiable prices. She answered their questions rreadily - she was a commoner and a bartender, but had escaped the pirates' attack by blending in with them. She took up bartending at the hastily-stocked Grogfont to gather intel and snuck into the Daybreak Estate with some drugged refreshments to rescue her betrothed, Oliod. Though Robin considered her taste in men questionable, she decided she was pro-subterfuge enough to help out for deferred, reasonable prices, and set to work on the lock. Alena told her about the other prisoners - the Fireheart daughter, two Invernus cousins, and a talkative merchant, all caged in separate rooms on the floor.

Ignis reached the second floor to find Krotokos staring down the hallway with more displeasure than mere suspicion. He demanded the soiled pirate state his business. Ignis took a swig of his enchanted ale and claimed to be seeking a shower. The giant, annoyed, stood from the stairwell and crossed the hall to meet him. Between Ignis's crude barbs, poor excuses, and refusal to leave, Krotokos's dubious patience quickly evaporated. He seized the reeking Fireheart bodily before he had a chance to swing his sword, shoved him violently through the wall, and flung him into the river to wash.

Robin finished her lockpicking as the altercation started. As Alena awoke the nearly-catatonic Oliod, and reassured him that she had not been killed, Robin coated a crossbow bolt with sleeping potion and moved towards the door to aid Ignis. Through the vantage of the room's south window, she saw Ignis go flying, and she reconsidered the notion of fighting Krotokos, giant among giants.

Klaitos ran from the Estate, incorrectly trusting his teammates to be able to stay on task and rescue Tigni. The searchlight remained fixed on him as he ran through the thin woods, seeking out any sort of projectile he could use to douse it. From afar he watched as Krotokos made an impressive throw of similar distance and accuracy using his teammate.

Seeing an opportunity to turn Krotokos's watchful eye elsewhere, she conjured an illusionary mimicry of Ignis's voice hurling obscure anti-giant slurs at Krotokos before he fully left the building's newest aperture. Ignis, surfacing from his enforced bath, ignored the mobs of pirates forming at the river shores and capitalized on the rage plain on Krotokos's face by taunting him with fairly unoriginal barbs about greathammers and penile compensation. He further declared that he had barely felt being slammed through the wall. Krotokos was sufficiently provoked by his and Robin's taunts, and leapt from the second story towards Ignis, greathammer raised.