Session Log 2022-10-03

From After the Aether Age
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Ignis and Robin dried themselves poorly in the chill of the lakeside night. Klaitos, hood low, tended to the burn wounds of Ignis's victims on the next hill over, unaware of their presence but desperately trying to avoid attention. Their groaning reminded Ignis that he had made a lot of enemies very recently with his highly visible escape.

Searching for a new disguise, Ignis ditched the moustache and stalked the thin wood for a sufficiently alone pirate to ambush and disrobe. To his disgust, the only available option was nearly as vomit-stained as Ignis was wet. So disguised, he followed Robin at a permissible distance as she headed back into town. Klaitos noticed his ally smell-first and caught their attention. They regrouped, but were wary of the risk of re-infiltrating a Dawnfont in high alert.

Across town, Ekkels and the Little Dudes crouched atop the Daybreak Estate, peeking out from beneath his conjured ghillie suit of tiled roof. Though the searchlights of the Queen of Crows were a risk, they strafed away at Krotokos's irritable command. With both captains' attentions diverted, Ekkels's rooftop hiding spot was secure.

Robin elected to scale Grogfont, the nearest building of appreciable height. She claimed, to a suspicious halfling, to be looking out for the thieves. Atop the roof, she was able to see little of town - too far and too poorly lit to scout without a spyglass.

Ignis and Klaitos, seeking to lower their profiles, ducked into Grogfont proper. Much of the drink had been drained or removed. Save a few discarded louts, the bar was deserted. The two men, relieved at finding what seemed to be a comfortable place to avoid attention, settled behind the makeshift bar and tapped into a remaining keg of the namesake grog. The flavor was a familiar one to Klaitos.

Robin was able to make out the decently-illuminated hangar just across the river from Grogfont. Inside, the crews of the Catch of the Day and the Titanhammer were working to load up their shares of the loot. Cayrin's lot still gleamed in the moonlight, but was guarded from all angles by Corvaines, putting a damper on Robin's hopes of escalating counter-larceny.

Ekkels knew he was wanted and isolated, and considered an escape in disguise. However any such subterfuge without Robin's magic would require he abandon his jingling jester's gap and clinking jewelry winnings. He resolved to wait for his teammates, who without doubt would eventually make themselves known via rescue, combat, or scheme.

Just before she climbed back down, Robin spied a black-clad figure - too tall to be a halfling - emerging from the back door of Grogfont . The figure stepped into the shadows, apparently sneaking ahead of the party into Dawnfont. Robin relayed what she had seen, and her intent to tail alone, to the grog-drinkers, then tailed the strange figure.

As a thief of habit and skill, Robin judged the bar-exiter to be inexpert in staying hidden. Their stealth was short-lived, as a pirate stumbling out of the raucous feast hall nearly ran right into them. Pulling back the hood, the bartender Alena warmly greeted the man to whom she had served drinks all afternoon, and small-talked her way out of any suspicion.

Alena continued into Dawnfont and Robin continued tailing her. She seemed to want to cross the bridge to the Daybreak Estate, but was prevented by a squad of Corvaine halflings guarding the chokepoint. Robin strode forth, confident in the anonymity of her current disguise, but stopped when she saw that the halflings had a pendant of Haxrynic, illusion-penetrating green glass. Realizing that Cayrin was pulling out the stops against her illusionist burglar, Robin decided instead to conjure an illusory duplicate to draw their pursuit.

The pendant, as expected, saw right through the illusion. One of the halflings was dispatched to chase it as it fled around a corner. The others, to Robin's dismay, raised an alarm that the illusionist-thief had been encountered. The seachlights of the Queen of Crows returned to the area, Cayrin shouting a threat to Robin that she'd have her head and her treasures by morning.

Ekkels, Ignis, and Klaitos all heard the commotion. As the latter two finished their grogs and got to their feet, Ekkels considered how to get down to find his friend before Cayrin did. He had the little dudes help him fasten the "Magic Carpet Double Dash" around him and attempted to scale the least visible wall of Daybreak Estate. He caught a glimpse of the penthouse - nice-looking, but no obvious captives or treasures - and continued down. However, his heavy "cloak" served as a hindrance, and snagged badly on the decorative outcroppings of the second floor.

Ignis and Klaitos began to make their way into Dawnfont. Klaitos summoned a convenient breeze to both remain upwind of the bile-covered Fireheart and dissuade others marching on the commotion from marching close enough to peer under his hood. Unable to slip entirely safely through the main crowd, they slunk around the Feast Hall, relying on its noise and generally unpleasant atmosphere to avoid most eyes.

Robin cast a second illusion: a stage whisper in the ears - and not the mirror - of the bridge spies. She tricked the remaining halflings into a wild goose chase, thinking themselves after a false "invisible" illusionist, then followed across.

Ekkels saw a figure crossing the bridge with the umnistakable saunter of Robin pulling something off. Confirming his suspicions, he saw the figure crouch behind a building and size up the Estate upon which he had landed. Still stuck, and unable to extricate himself without tearing his carpet, Ekkels broke off a chunk of decorative sculpture and tied a Little Dude to it. He threw his companion across the sky, bouncing once off the roof of Robin's hiding spot. The hurtled Dude pointed her - still disguised - to his rug-cloaked predicament.

Robin crept up to the Estate and climbed to rescue her friend. On the roof of the first floor, she noticed Alena at the entrance to the Estate, making pleasant conversation with the guard. By the time the two descended to the ground, the bartended had been invited inside.

From where they stood, they had a clear line of sight to the other members of their party, and, worsened by Klaitos's efforts to distribute it, an unfortunate line of smell. Seeking to catch their notice, Robin cast a light through Ekkel's magnifying glass to shine in Ignis's eye. The dazzling light caught his attention rudely.

Before they could regroup, Krotokos began to call out an announcement to all of Dawnfont. He warned Klaitos that he had a captive he knew the giant was interested in, the sister of his Fireheart ally. He claimed that they had more than one captive that they could use as a ward-opener, and so extended an ominous invitation to Golroga. Should Klaitos not surrender himself within the hour, the Red Chef would be served a midnight snack of noble hostage.