Session Log 2022-09-21

From After the Aether Age
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Split party: Klaitos present.

Klaitos emerged from his misty smokescreen, the Corvaine halflings hot on his trail, and attempted to infiltrate the less-coordinated fringes of the thief-hunt. The pirates were aware of the commotion, but weren't well informed as to who, or even what, they were supposed to hunt. Klaitos was able to mingle by the firepit without drawing much attention, but not discreetly enough - the Corvaines emerged from the fog cloud and immediately pointed him out as the traitor kin of the Thundercaller.

Thinking quickly, Klaitos realized that the drunkards' loyalties were not firmly with the covetous halfling clan. He called out that they had stolen his treasure, buried in the misty treeline. The mob dissolved in confusion, some running after the alleged treasure, others trying to figure out what was going on. In the mayhem, Klaitos rushed off towards Dawnfont.

In order to throw the halflings off his trail, Klaitos ran for the one building for which none of them seamed to have the stomach to come near - the feast hall, occupied by Golroga the Red Chef and his rowdy crew of mutant cannibals. He rushed past a patrol of giant pirates, taking advantage of his momentum and their surprise to leave them in the dust, and slammed the door behind him.

The hall itself was crowded and raucous enough that Klaitos wondered if any within had even heard Cayrin's declaration. The surviving serving staff hurried about in chains to prepare meals for the rowdy, jeering pirates, with those that displeased them made into supplementary dishes. Klaitos shoved his way through the hall, slowly approaching an open, river-facing window. As he realized that he was too large to fit through, the patrol of giants entered the hall. He crouched to avoid their attention and snuck off to the door, getting kicked in the jaw by an elephantine foot for his trouble.

Emerging from the feast hall, Klaitos stealthily dropped into the river. He had seen Ignis and Robin floating off towards the lake, and could make out the telltale flames of Ignis's escape route downstream, and so he swam over to try and seek them out. Klaitos reasoned that Ignis and Robin were not ones to easily give up a strategic advantage, and so figured that they'd still be somewhere within the anti-peasant ward. However, he was unable to spot them in the night-shrouded lakewater.

Obscuring his features, Klaitos found some burned victims of Ignis's escape, and was told of the Fireheart's sudden disappearance. He deduced that Ignis had probably hidden somewhere nearby, though he had little insight as to where. He considered camping out in Grogfont to see if his teammates would find him there, but saw it was oddly empty. He decided instead to remain with the burned pirates and treat their wounds, as neither the partygoers nor the thief-chasers had much patience for their moaning.