Session Log 2022-09-16

From After the Aether Age
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Of their reappropriated loot, Klaitos stowed the glowing stone oval in his pack, Ignis pocketed a crystal pendant, and Ekkels dragged a rolled-up carpet. Robin, disguised as a Corvaine halfling, surreptitiously regrouped with the rest of the party downstairs as they beat a hasty, awkward exit from their "treasure inspection".

Klaitos, the purported leader of the inspectors, led them out and back towards Grogfont to regroup. While they were crossing the diving-bridge, Robin felt a tug in her sleeve of pockets. With a stench of ozone, the Corvaine signet ring had vanished. Behind and above them, looming accusingly from the second floor of the hangar, Cayrin denounced the group as thieves and imposters, drawing the attention of pirates on either side of the bridge with a promise of a handsome reward for their capture.

Realizing the time for infiltration had passed, Ignis and Robin tried to sow confusion in which to escape. Robin split into three - two illusory halflings darting for either end of the bridge - as the real Robin was tackled over the side by Ignis, acting if he were not one of the declared imposters. The two of them fell off the bridge into the waters below, but were unable to throw off Cayrin's eye. She called out again, and the pirates roughhousing in Dawnfont's leisure boats turned their drunken attention to them.

Klaitos used the distraction of the illusory Robin-halfling to rush through the drunken pirates as they gathered at the Grogfont end of the bridge. He tried to clear a path with the implicit threat of a large storm giant barrelling towards them, but the scene was too chaotic for anyone to get out of his way. Nonetheless, with the distraction of the fading Robin, he was able to slip past the group. He ran for the treeline, a mob at his heels.

Meanwhile, Ekkels tried to reestablish his earlier rapport with the marauding pirates with a cute expression and a jingle of his cap. Unfortunately, the promise of a handsome reward and the suspiciousness of him wandering off with thieves, bedecked in jewelry, and dragging a fancy carpet left him unable to reconnect with his fans.

Ignis and Robin found themselves flowing down a gentle waterslide into the crater lake, with two elegant leisure boats of pirates paddling over to them. Ignis decided to scare them off with fire, overcoming the obstacle of "being soaking wet" through hotheaded stubbornness. Spinning chaotically on his back, he launched gouts of flame in all directions, keeping the marauders at bay. Robin attempted to slip underwater and change disguises. She emerged as a non-halfling pirate, but was immediately identified, loudly, by Cayrin Corvaine.

Ekkels, increasingly surrounded, decided to leap from the bridge onto a passing leisure-boat. He wasn't sure what the carpet did, but he knew it was magical, and reasoned that it was worth an attempt to get something out of it. He unfurled it in midair and immediately recognized that there were dedicated positions in the enchanted embroidery for two people to stand. He landed on the deck of a small leisure boat atop the rug, stood on one of the spots, and rummaged in his pockets for the Little Dudes to take the other. The pirates of the boat were too nonplussed by the bejeweled jester dropping onto their ship to stop him.

Klaitos put a little distance between himself and the mob, but as soon as he reached the trees was ambushed by a halfling leaping onto his pack. Maintaining his momentum, he turned his pack and smashed the halfling against a tree. He realized that the treeline was guarded by Corvaines and likely had been since the first alarm had been raised. Unwilling to try and lose them all on foot, he changed tactics and shrouded the area in fog.

Robin, frustrated by Cayrin's keen eye, realized that she could escape more easily if she had a crowd to in which to lose everyone else's attention. She goaded Ignis into attacking one of the wooden boats in order to send more pirates into the water. Ignis, ever eager to lay down some destructive violence, obliged, lighting the deck and decorative swan-head of one boat with a gout of flame. Its burning crew abandoned ship. Robin joined them, swimming out into the lake as an anonymous pirate grunt.

As soon as one Little Dude got onto the carpet, Ekkels felt it activate and tie itself to his will. It began floating under his - and the piloting Dude's - direction. The carpet rose directly upward, out of the reach of the confused leisure-boat pirates and past the bridge. A furious Captain Corvaine directed a volley of arrows at him. He and the Little Dude manuevered to avoid most, but one tore the carpet and some of its stitching, leaving it with a pronounced lean. A capable pilot, Ekkels was able to compensate for the drifting, and rose above the hangar in a tight spiral out of range. However, as the captured airships below began to lift off, he realized that the dark sky was not a perfect hiding spot.

Despite his concealment, Klaitos' stature still stuck out in the sparse wood, and he found himself fighting off further halflings. However, he was able to attune his senses to the shifting mist, and tell where they were coming from, giving him enough of an advantage to fight them off before they could get to him. Unwilling to leave the anti-peasant wards without a way back in, Klaitos darted off towards the campfire and burnt storage shed, hoping his speed and fog smokescreen would be enough to lose most of his pursuers.

Ignis had given Robin a clean escape, but found himself at the bottom of the gentle waterslide without an obvious exit. The water was too clear to swim to shore stealthily, and he had drawn too much attention to himself - brightly illuminated by his fire, no less - to blend in in any capacity. He decided to blind his pursuers with a brilliant flare of conjured fire, and use the opportunity to simply dive as deep as he could for as long as he could. The flare - shaped like an obscene gesture - served an effective deterrent for the variously hungover and already-burnt pirates around him. He held his breath as deep in the lake as he dared, then swam to shore, coincidentally rejoining an already-drying-off Robin.

Ekkels considered his options for where to hide. He also did not want to leave the anti-peasant ward, but the ships had searchlights, and he could see Cayrin's Queen of Crows taking flight with a vengeance. He reasoned that the best hiding spot might be on a roof, and the best roof might be that of the Daybreak Estate - the grouchy Krotokos seemed to keep most of the other pirates at bay. Opting for a safe, hard-to-see route, Ekkels and the Dude flew high and out of sight. While flying, Ekkels noticed that a line ringing the glowing embroidery was slowly shortening to nothing, and realized that his carpet was likely on a timer. He descended to the roof of the estate and used chaos magic to turn the material of his robes into something reminiscent of the roofing tile. The Queen of Crows, on a thorough search of the area, passed its searchlights over him. His cover was sufficient to avoid attention from a quick check, and Krotokos shouted at them to get the light out of his face before it could become a more circumspect examination.