Session Log 2022-08-22

From After the Aether Age
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Ignis noticed increased, yet still discreet attention from the halfling pirates of Clan Corvaine. He, Klaitos, and Ekkels did their best to project a low profile as they re-entered the festivities. Their conspiracy to topple Krotokos and liberate the Daybreak Estate was put on hold in order to track down Robin. With a detour to appear less conspicuous, they wandered over to the hangar in which Ekkels had last seen her.

Klaitos surmised, correctly, that Robin was presently cloaked in magical disguise. He wanted to use his Lantern Eye to track her down, following trails of her illusory magic to wherever she had ended up. However, the servant's hall they needed to cross proved crowded, and he had little opportunity to surreptitiously bring it out.

He and Ignis decided that their best bet was to use the Lantern Eye and just lie about it to the pirates, none of whom were currently possessed of their soberest scrutiny. Ekkels, still dressed the part of a gaudy jester, provided entertaining distraction to lower the amount of attention given to the self-proclaimed "treasure inspection crew". The light of the Lantern eye traced where artifacts had been carried upstairs, but did not reveal if Robin had gone the same way. Trusting their teammate's greed and eye for artifacts, the three of them went upstairs.

Meanwhile, Robin busied herself in the cabin of Cayrin Corvaine. Documents - some likely pertinent to the Keep's mission - were nearly stacked about the captain's desk. However, Robin's kleptomania, ignited by petty vengeance, overrode her common sense and questionable loyalty. In retaliation for the pirate queen's attempted extortion of the Bracelet of Many Faces, she immediately set about stealing the most valuable thing she could pilfer.

However, she found to her annoyance that the office's treasures, prominently displayed behind the chair, were far better secured than the door. A grid of heavy bars, fused to the wall with large bolts, stood in the way of her efforts, with no apparent lock or latch. The desk, meanwhile, had many tantalizingly locked drawers, but the miniscule locks would be frustratingly tedious to break. Below her, an opulent rug muffled much of the clamor of her pursuers, but covered too much of the floor to simply lift to check for secrets. Without any good options to sate her appetite for treasure, whetted by this dragon's hoard of an office, Robin began the laborious task of picking the locks on the drawers.

Klaitos's stature, the Lantern-Eye beam, and Ekkels' return caught the attention of the assembled pirates - crewmembers from each ship, including dozens of halflings, turned from their thief-tracking to face the three. Klaitos and Ignis decided, in lieu of any better option to maintain their ruse and continue posing as "treasure inspectors". The lie seemed implausible, until Klaitos stepped into the light, revealing his features to be kin of the Thundercaller himself.

Cayrin yelled at them from atop the Queen of Crows, telling them that she did not care which ilk of Typhaeron had come, as the Thundercaller had left it to her to allot the loot as always. Ignis, leaning on his penchant for talking shit in dangerous situations, unsubtly threatened her with the wrath of the Armada should she defy the Thundercaller or any representative their due. Klaitos, augmented by Ekkels' equally-loud mimicry, roared at her for her insolence. Realizing that she was outgunned, she stepped back to venomously watch them leisurely examine the treasure piles.

Belowdecks, Cayrin's arguing reached Robin as she burglarized her private office. She realized her window of opportunity was limited - her illusion had already been seen through, once. She decided to cut her losses with the first two drawers she could open, so she pocketed a crow-inscribed signet ring, a few important-looking papers, and a blank paper inside of a small, dedicated folder.

With a last longing look at the secured shelves, Robin slipped into the hall. The bustling Corvaine flagship proved suitable for her to slip into the crowds of halflings of similar garb and features. Keeping an eye out for Cayrin and her too-knowing leer, Robin snuck back to the deck.

The rest of the party, still unaware of Robin's location, condition, or misadventures, performed the part of discerning representatives here to take the Thundercaller's share. Between their collective eye for antiques, magic, and quality, and Klaitos's studious notes on identifying Aether-age artifacts, they were able to retrieve one magical treasure of note from each pile.

From Cayrin's hoard they took a curious oval artifact of intricately-detailed white stone that shone vividly under the Lantern Eye. It glowed at the touch as they lifted it from the pile. From before the abomination-clad Catch of the Day, they took a less-magical pendant of clear crystal. From the pile in the Titanhammer's shadow, they took a rolled, tasseled carpet with unfamiliar spellwork woven in.

Cayrin and a group of her crew convened atop the deck. As the Corvaines moved to enter her ship, Robin - nearly right in their path - ducked quickly into a cramped cabin. Conversation fell ominously silent outside the cabin, before Cayrin led the group belowdecks, past her hiding spot, with haste. Robin waited until their footsteps had left and nonchalantly exited the ship, a Corvaine in the crowd. She regrouped, enviously, with the loot-laden "treasure inspectors" and discreetly let them know it was her.