Session Log 2022-08-15

From After the Aether Age
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As Ignis's conversation with Alena started to lose her attention, Klaitos studied the room for other leads. He didn't see anyone he particularly knew, but noted a Corvaine halfling in the corner, quietly keeping an eye on Grogfont. He was too unfamiliar with the Corvaines to remember much besides their affinity for obscuring clothes and distinction from the other few halflings in the Thundercaller's armada. Ignis, alerted to her surveillance, approached her with exaggerated drunkenness and clumsily hit on her. He was summarily told to piss off.

The two eased their way into a conversation, sitting amongst discarded barrels and half-barrels. Ignis got the group talking about the angry giant in the estate tower, on the other side of Dawnfont. The other pirates agreed that Krotokos, captain of the Titan's Hammer, was a shithead, but none of them wanted to say it too loudly, as he'd kick the ass of any who spoke of him with such disrespect.

He also asked after the scorch mark across the river from the estate. A fish-faced mutant spoke regretfully of his crewmate Roglas, an armadillo-skinned pirate, who detonated a cache of wedding fireworks during the invasion of Dawnfont and destroyed the entire storehouse. Roglas, badly burnt and deafened by his own misadventure, was left chained to a ceiling in the estate as a warning to the other fuckups ready to burn down the whole town.

Satisfied with their reconnaissance, Klaitos and Ignis moved outside to discuss plans. On their way out, Klaitos caught a glimpse of the surveillance halfling watching them intently. He realized that they had earned more scrutiny than expected, although not as much as either of their identities, revealed, would incur.

Meanwhile, Ekkels wandered the streets in search of entertaining stories. He found a group of giants and other scarred pirates hunched down out of view of the Daybreak Estate and its wrathful squatter. The group was complaining about their captain, sharing stories of his brutishness. Ekkels sat and listened to pirate gossip, already ingratiated with the company from his earlier slapstick entertainment.

In the building nearby, Robin and the loot crew made their way to the front of the appraisal queue. The halfling woman's one eye carefully examined the antique clock from multiple angles, longer than any other item. Robin's own eyes wandered to the treasure piles, and she realized that the halfling's share below the black, gem-studded ship contained more magical items than the other two. The woman abruptly concluded her appraisal and directed the clock to be brought to the pile before the blunt-looking warship. Before letting her leave, she bade Robin let her take a look at the bracelet under her sleeve.

Ekkels suddenly caught sight of Robin from the street below. She was standing before a fancy-looking cushioned chair and looking as distraught as he'd ever seen her. Wasting no time, he abandoned the gossip circle and rushed through the crowded servant's floor to reach her, his jewelry and jester's cap jingling wildly.

Robin begrudgingly allowed the halfling to study the Bracelet of Many Faces. The woman eyed it shrewdly and deemed it to belong to her own hoard. Robin stepped over to the pile and surreptitiously dropped an illusory copy in place of the original. As she moved to leave, a sharp whistle from the halfling on the couch drew the hostile attention of the assembled pirates. The woman reprimanded her, saying that she shouldn't try to pull any tricks.

As Robin slipped the bracelet down into the pile, Ekkels reached the top of the stairs with a clamor of pearls, chains, and jester's bells. In a collective moment of distraction, Robin fell back on an old feat of mundane illusion and vanished under a flourish of her jacket. She darted out of sight behind the black ship.

Ekkels, having watched his friend escape whatever was happening, dusted off his hands and returned downstairs as the pirates behind him started shouting and searching. He spent a few minutes learning parrotable vulgarities from pirates receiving and applying stitches.

Upstairs, Robin scaled the gems of the black ship and peered out onto the deck. Halflings were already assembled, looking for her over the prow of the deck. She disguised herself as one of them - an easy trick, with their uniform, concealing outfits - and infiltrated belowdecks with ease. She made her way to the captain's cabin and hurriedly picked the lock, her resentment at being nearly forced to give her stuff away driving her to vengeful larceny. She slipped into the dark cabin unnoticed.

Outside, Ignis and Klaitos gathered by the trees lining the anti-peasant ward. Ignis proposed inciting a riot against Krotokos to get them into the estate. Klaitos was surprised to find himself agreeing to the idea. Ekkels, having spotted the two from across the river, wandered up and nodded along. When Klaitos suggested they regroup with Robin, he let them know where he had seen her, pantomiming her dilemma while reciting a litany of perfectly-mimicked pirate obscenities.