Session Log 2022-08-09

From After the Aether Age
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The party crossed the anti-peasant wards as Tigni was taken back to her imprisonment. Though he considered following after to see where she was being taken, Ignis held back so as to remain incognito. Instead, he decided to boast to the pirates around a nearby firepit to try to win their approval. He came off poorly, and grog was thrown at him, staining his shirt as he clumsily attempted to drink it out of the air.

Ekkels, already wearing his jester's cap and bells, tried to dance around for the merriment of the assorted brigands. He drew little attention until he clumsily bonked against one of the trees lining Dawnfont's perimeter. His flailing, misshaped limbs made for a popular slapstick show, and he soon drew in an audience larger than he could escape.

Klaitos wandered into the villa to see if he could recognize any significant faces. Although most of the rank and file pirates didn't ring a bell, he noted a few among them, wearing the characteristic mutations and gore of the crew of Golroga, the Red Chef. He reasoned that the dwarven cannibal captain was likely nearby, and decided to find better places to be.

Robin took advantage of Ignis's embarrassment by stealing his thunder, spinning her own versions of the two's shared criminal history and roasting him mercilessly throughout. The pirates lapped it up, pointing and laughing at the ale-stained, humbly-disguised Fireheart. His ego bristling, he drew a sword and challenged any of them to a fight. A mountain giant armed with a long hammer stepped up to loom over him.

Ekkels noticed his audience dwindling as Ignis's fight drew the attention and jeers of the collected pirates. He joined up with Robin, who had begun taking bets, the odds stacked heavily against her grog-stained ally, and placed a longshot bet on Ignis. Her eyes glittered as the gamblers piled assorted coin and small jewelry before her. Ekkels summoned a bubbling foam hand to cheer for his friend.

Ignis tried to undermine the giant's confidence by insulting his genitalia, which the audience of pirates was all too happy to join in on. His flustered opponent responded by starting the fight, leveraging his reach and giant strength to force Ignis on his back foot. Ignis, running out of phallic lines of attack, decided to surprise the pirate with a feat of swordsmanship. He parried the hammer aside and somersaulted around the giant. With his bladepoint against his opponent's ass, he let him know that he could have just as easily slashed his back open. The giant tried to retort, but his bravado was shaken and his voice cracked in his counterthreat. He stormed off to get more drink as Ignis claimed victory.

Ekkels collected a fair sum of winnings; Robin collected an unfair sum of embezzlement and pocketed valuables. Ekkels began to don his assortment of necklaces, bracelets, and other trinkets, as Robin headed into Dawnfont to see where they were hoarding all of the best loot. She found that the area around the grand estate was mostly abandoned, and felt a gaze on her as she passed through. She put on an exagerrated act of drunkenness as a mountain giant came to the balcony of the Daybreak Estate and yelled at her to go vomit somewhere else.

Klaitos found himself outside what had once been a boathouse, the sign painted over to read "Grogfont". Within its vandalized walls, he spied a makeshift bar in front of a veritable wall of booze - barrels of questionable grog, bottles from a well-kept wine cellar, and everything in between. He started to reach for a bottle, but a stern pirate stopped him and sent him to the bar, telling him to mind his manners. Deeply confused, Klaitos obliged, accidentally ordering a lizardfolk mix of what appeared to be mud and brackish water from Alena, the appointed bartender. He maintained a rigid poker face as he choked it down, stepping outside Grogfont to recover.

Robin followed her nose for treasure over to where the pirates were vandalizing the aristocrat's ships they had abducted, bringing them more in line with the aesthetic of the Thundercaller's armada. She climbed up to the deck of the largest-looking one and was struck by deja vu - she had robbed this very vessel before, when it was cleaner and in the ownership of Geral the Generous. She found the hold she had robbed before, but it was largely picked clean - a few heavy items remained, including an antique clock being hauled by three pirates under the supervision of a halfling. She offered to help, but slipped and injured herself on the ramp off the ship. Still, she accomplished her mission - she and the clock were taken to the rest of the loot.

They passed through the first floor of a nearby building - cramped, full of pirates bandaging wounds and sleeping off alcohol poisoning - and went upstairs to a vast room with large archways open to the outside air. Three distinctive ships loomed within - one with something fleshy wrapped around it, reaching a tentacle into a bucket of meat to feed, one heavily armed and built for ramming, and one painted black with a constellation of brilliant gems on the hull. Near the last, a halfling pirate queen reclined on a comfortable couch, sunning in one of the archways. A queue of pirates came before her with loot for her to appraise and toss in one of the piles growing before each ship.

Ignis caught up to a queasy Klaitos outside Grogfont, and stepped inside to order a cocktail. He found the drink to be expertly mixed, and made small talk with the bartender. Klaitos copied his order as Ignis inquired about joining up with a crew. Alena told him, of the three big shots present, he didn't seem much a fit for any of them - Golroga at the feast hall would want him a lot hungrier and less human, Cayrin Corvaine in the hangar only took family as crew, and Krotokos at the manor would require him to prove his mettle. He attested confidence at that last prospect, but his dorky, grog-stained disguise left her unimpressed. As the three continued making small talk, Klaitos realized that she was also faking some of her history with the pirates - her evasive answers to her background spoke to someone on the run.

Ekkels, fully dressed in jester's cap and a dazzling array of jewelry, wandered Dawnfont somewhat aimlessly. The pirates took him for a high-concept joke about nobles, laughing and toasting as he passed. He found some horseplay afoot at one of the villa's diving bridges - pirates were pushing rafts into the river to spar atop them as they floated to the lake. He considered joining, but he had already put on his entire outfit and lacked the waterproof storage to go diving with it.