Session Log 2022-07-22

From After the Aether Age
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Ekkels flew the party to the region of Dawnfont in a borrowed Keep vessel as they debated their approach over the notes they had received from Keep scouts. They decided to test the "anti-peasant" ward surrounding the town, which was said to bar all besides nobles, invitees, and accompanying guests from entry.

Flying low to the ground, they landed behind some nearby hills. Ignis snuck up to the perimeter of the wards and found himself barred from entry as if a wall stood before him. It seemed the Torch was willing to make an exception in its noble-favoring legal code for nobles that committed high treason. He peered beyond the thin treeline and saw the cute villa he had visited as a child stained in many colors by pirate revelry.

Klaitos went next to see if the wards could be disrupted. He found himself stymied by the field as well, unable to reach past its effect and only clumsily able to stick his rune-wand through it. Moreover, the dense, regular pattern of runes was nothing like the ward-trap left by Zoll's acolytes at the Knotted Tower - the rune-wand failed to mark its inscribed glowing surface.

Robin snuck around to gather intel on the scorchmarks seen north of the villa. She swam through the river, out of sight of the pirates, but found herself swimming past a pile of corpses they had left. She got out of the water quickly (and resolved to swim back upriver) but was thoroughly skeeved.

Stymied, the party regrouped and flew nearer to what the scout had described as "the creepy obelisk on the hill". They sought to subtly interrogate the pirates encamped there, to see how they intended to cross back into the barrier. They found a group of a dozen pirates loitering under the strange metal construction with a hovering ring near its peak.

Ignis tried to engender their group to the pirate party, offering his drink, but was turned down - the pirates already were tripping on hallucinogenic lichen, and weren't interested in an additional downer. He was counteroffered some lichen, of which he took a pinky-sized microdose.

Robin eased her way into a huddle with the furthest-gone pirate, lying back muttering about seeing through many eyes and sharing minds. She responded positively and encouragingly, suggesting nonsense about "guarding minds", which the pirate and his friends seemed to like.

Klaitos examined the obelisk itself. Despite the hovering ring, it appeared to be utterly unmagical under the light of the Lantern Eye. A curious pirate inquired what he was doing, but Klaitos ignored him. The man became offended and wandered off.

Ignis crashed Robin's group to clumsily gather intelligence on breaching the barrier. Despite the positive vibe Robin had engendered, his bluntness raised a few eyebrows. A pirate explained that they had intercepted a noble en route to a wedding and used them to gain entry, but was baffled that Ignis had missed both the planning and the kidnapping. Ignis lied about having been too blackout drunk to recall.

Robin asked after getting back into the barrier with a little more subtlety; the pirate assumed she was asking to use the bathroom and let her know that if she hollered at the barrier's edge, someone would get the captive noble to let her in. She thanked her new friend for the advice and happily pocketed a quantity of lichen for later.

Klaitos climbed downhill a ways to investigate the passed-out mountain giant clutching his personal keg. He slipped the keg out from under a sleeping arm with ease, and took a swig of familiar, albeit sun-warmed, Thundercaller grog.

Robin climbed the obelisk. Its surface was covered in a strange pattern like scales, making it an easy ascent for a trained burglar. She found the ring to be vibrating at incredible frequency and emitting a low, nearly-subsonic tone. She tried to peer through it, but the vista beyond seemed unchanged. However, putting her face up to it exposed her to an amplified tone, briefly inducing a strange sensation before her reflexes pulled her out of its direct effect.

Their curiosity sated, the party wandered over to the Dawnfont barrier and hollered to be let in. Some pirates barbecuing at a firepit got up and left to get the kidnapped noble. They returned with a pair of giants leading Tigni Fireheart in chains. Though Ignis's disguise was reinforced by Robin's illusion, the other three were clearly recognizable. Her eyes widened, then cast down, as she muttered a formal invitation to the four of them and they passed through.