Session Log 2022-05-31

From After the Aether Age
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The party, lacking any interest in acceding to the demands of Zoll the Grand Devourer, adjourned the conversation. They climbed back down to the third mezzanine of the burnt library to the sound of Demon Lord's echoing threats and invectives. Robin's practiced pheromonal illusion wreathed their presence amongst the ants.

Klaitos leapt down to the floor of the library with a dusty thud. Robin jumped down and landed safely in his arms. Ignis and Ekkels, less gracefully, slipped his grip, but were not seriously injured. Heiras, however, was still weakened from her night tight to the crackling pillar, her mobility restored yet impaired by Ignis's healing liquor. Her crash landing knocked nearly as much dust up as Klaitos's and left her unconscious. Klaitos heaved her onto his shoulders and set off with the party for the bough-ladder.

The party climbed down into the garden-labyrinth entrance room, crossed to the hallway, and entered the narrow hidden stairwell without incident. Klaitos, marching in the front, was hampered by both the passage's narrow breadth and the lack of visibility with his bulk occluding Robin's light.

When he tripped in the darkness, Ekkels - marching behind him - realized the danger that he, Heiras, and the ship's Aether Core faced. He quickly seized ahold of the ambient chaos and tapped the space-warping enchantments of the Tower to broaden and reshape the stairwell, enough to save Klaitos's footing. The party reordered themselves to improve navigability.

Ignis, in the rear, noticed that the party was being followed by one of the demon's acolytes. He readied himself for an ambush as the party hurried down the remaining stairwell, but they were unaccosted. At its base, Robin conjured a swarm of the giant eyeless ants to serve as a distraction, pouring into the gnarled first floor of the Tower ahead of the party. However, they found the room empty.

The party emerged from the Tower at last. Despite the overcast skies, they could still make out the Stormjumper, two days' hike across the deceptively elongated passage. However, dozens of the gnarled servants of Zoll loomed threateningly from the walls of twisted space on either side of the passage. Their natural advantage amidst the tangled spacetime of the Knotted Zone was as clear as their hostile intentions.