Session Log 2022-05-20

From After the Aether Age
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Having finally ascended past the burnt library, the party took a look around the room of crackling pillars in which Robin and Heiras had been held captive. Ignis made to cross the field of pillars to the portal-spire in the center of the room, but a foreboding presence not unlike the one from the void archways deterred his march.

Klaitos used the Lantern Eye to study the pillars and the figure embedded within one. He found the pillar to be channeling powerful current of chaos magic, some of which flowed through the exposed limbs. Ignis poked at the figure with a stick, to which it responded by twitching, but couldn't figure out a way to speak to or mercy kill whomever it might be.

Klaitos listened for the sounds of battle below, but between the silent elongated figures and the mute ants there was little to hear aside from faint scraping sounds. He descended briefly, using his sparks to illuminate the area, and found the elongated figures to have cleared out. The ants were scuttling around the second mezzanine, collecting the corpses of their fallen, but reacted with hostility to Klaitos's return. He snapped a plank of wood off of a bookshelf and climbed back up.

Ignis put a rock into one of his socks and had Robin hurl it across the threshold to see if anything would happen. It sailed between the pillars to clatter at the crystalline floor around the portal-spire. Judging it safe, Ignis warily passed through the crackling field, narrowly avoiding a bolt of bright chaos. He tossed the sock into the near-lightless room beyond the portal and heard it clatter on solid ground.

Stepping through, Ignis lit a torch and peered into the dark room. On the ground, several yards ahead of the portal, jolts of energy shot out of a glowing rift in the floor. Most were channeled into black spikes; some bounced across the floor into the darkness. The walls of the room, though indistinct, seemed to form a cavernous dome.

Ignis walked further into the room to inspect the walls more closely. As his torchlight fell upon them, he realized that they were not stone, but instead a lattice of fanged mouths, all different shapes and sizes, connected by knotted, pulsating gray flesh, with only lightless void within. He heard noise behind him and turned to see the "walls" bulging and stretching to cut off his exit. He raced back to the portal and leapt between the mouths. Though his backpack was chewed open, it seemed the being was unable to cross the threshold of the crystal floor surrounding the portal spire.

He spoke up and tried to negotiate. The being declared itself to be Zoll, Grand Devourer and Demon Lord, and obstinately demanded to speak with the "Lesser Demon" in Ignis's company. When Ignis refused, the demon shrieked at him with its thousands of mouths. Ignoring his inquiries, Zoll demanded the Lesser Demon be brought to help release it from its captivity and threatened to send its "Acolytes" to ensure its will. He taunted it briefly before stepping back outside the portal to the room of pillars and relayed what he had encountered to his party members.

Hearing Ignis's description, Ekkels recalled from his chaos magic studies that "demon" was the term usually used to describe a creature empowered by chaos. "Greater demons" were said to have harnessed signicant sources of power, such as a corrupted Aether Fountain. Ignis knew the tower to have once been an Aether Age research facility and later a Torch military outpost. Though details were sparce on what had to be centuries-old military secrets, he reasoned that such a Fountain might well be the source of Zoll's power.

Ignis attempted to rejoin the party, but Zoll's animosity was made manifest - targeted bolts of chaos lanced out from the pillars as he crossed the field once more. Struck twice, Ignis was rendered twitching and chaotically charged before limping to safety.

Outside, storm clouds began to roll in, dimming the already-gloomy light filtering through the tower's arrow-slit windows.