Session Log 2022-04-28

From After the Aether Age
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Ignis, Klaitos, and Ekkels rounded the pillar at the illusory sounds of their own voices to see Robin rappelling out from the second to the first mezzanine out of the clutches of a horde of elongated creatures. They began drawing her rope back up, forcing her to make a riskier descent by calling out to Klaitos and leaping from the mezzanine. Klaitos rushed over to catch her, but misjudged her trajectory, and had to dive across the sooty library floor to cushion her impact.

Ignis assessed the situation and decided that the open library would be a poor battlefield. He called out to his allies to sprint for the hidden stairwell from which they had entered the library. Seeking to distract them before they could swarm said entrance, he hollered threats up at them and broke some of the ancient furniture to remind them of the limbs he had snapped previously. He thereby provoked the vanguard of the creatures to climb to the pillar and focus on him, instead.

Ekkels bolted for the door and found the stairwell beyond pleasantly deserted, save for the magical bough with which they had climbed up to it. Klaitos bore Robin over a shoulder as she attempted to disguise Ignis in a crowd of mirror images; however, his haste jostled her too much, and the crowd of Ignii blurred and bounced.

The crowd still served to obscure Ignis - the creatures hurled furniture at "him" to little avail - but only granted him a few short moments of respite. Between the room darkening, the creatures climbing down the pillar behind him, and the creatures blocking his path to the exit, he realized his options were thin and narrowing by the instant.

As Robin and Klaitos followed Ekkels into the hidden door, the illusion faded and Ignis raced forth. Though limbs speared at him or slammed into the ground in his path, he bull-rushed through the pack and flung open the stone door. However, before he could step inside, elongated hands grabbed ahold of him from behind and reached into the stairwell beyond.

Klaitos stepped forth to rescue the teetering Fireheart, swatting away some of the hands that grabbed at him as he did so. He pulled at Ignis, but was matched by the collective strength of the long fingers wrapped around him. Robin fired her crossbow into the vulnerable flesh of one of the hands, causing it to writhe and disrupt the collective grip enough for Klaitos to extricate Ignis and slam the heavy door on their pursuers.

Granted a moment of respite, the party debriefed and considered their options. They wanted to rescue Heiras where she had been left in the room above the library, but the odds were stacked against them if they were fighting through the creatures' lair. They considered weaponizing the magebane slime of the archway labyrinth, but reasoned that the ambient chaos magic would likely cause it to smother the entire structure.

Ignis proposed a more convoluted means of fighting back against the creatures: leading the territorial ants out of the archway labyrinth to where they dwelt. He reasoned that if one had followed his elixir, a swarm could be gathered, especially if Robin's capacity for illusory disguise could be used to gain passage into their nest. Robin, for her part, was entranced by the notion of valuable ant eggs and royal larvae.