Session Log 2022-04-11

From After the Aether Age
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Klaitos, Ekkels, and Ignis regrouped on the ground floor of the library and set themselves to the task of rescuing Robin. Though they had little idea where she had been taken, they reasoned that she was likely not in immediate danger - were the creatures intentions only to harm her, they would not have abducted her. However, they were wary about climbing directly back to the second mezzanine, knowing that the hordes of elongated figures were lurking in its shadows ready to ambush them.

Klaitos showed Ignis the small balcony he had found. The landscape beyond was the same kaleidoscope visible through the windows. The narrow radius of intact spacetime around the tower preserved their view of its length below. They seemed to be about four tall stories from the ground. Some three stories above them, a strange and vast construction grew from the tower. It formed a roof to the envelope of intact space and stretched beyond its radius.

Ekkels peered upward through his magnifying glass, but the distance and shadow obscured what he could discern through his faithful lens. Klaitos, out of the corner of his eye, noticed an elongated figure climbing out of view behind the curvature of the tower. He returned Ekkels to his pack and clambered across the geometric architecture of the tower's face, Ignis unsteadily following behind.

Klaitos caught sight of the creature at the same time it, and two others, caught sight of him. They reacted as though he had found them in hiding, immediately retaliating by pulling Klaitos bodily off the tower. As he plummeted, he felt Ekkels seize his wind powers. A sudden gale pushed the two of them close enough for Klaitos to grab ahold of the wall some thirty feet down.

Ignis, already having trouble climbing along the face of the wall, saw the trio of encroaching figures and decided that timely defensive positioning was the better part of valor. He crouched, one leg and arm shoved into a long, narrow windowsill for stability, and jabbed his sword at the wall-prying creatures like an agitated scorpion. One of the three retreated from his pointy onslaught, folding its limbs back into a tower window.

Klaitos climbed carefully back up the tower, maintaining his footing while evading blows from the remaining creatures. One seized his leg, so he jumped backwards to slam into the grasping arm before he could be pulled from the wall. Its forearm smashed, the creature retreated, but Klaitos scaled the gnarled flesh of the ruined limb.

Ignis, one of his attackers retreating, emerged from the windowsill to confront the final creature clinging to the wall above him. It immediately knocked him from his footing, leaving him dangling from a ledge with no foothold. He fought to keep it at bay as he stabilized himself, then drove his blade into its palm when it lunged to shove him free.

As Klaitos's improvised ladder retreated into the tower, he relinquished his grip to help Ignis with the final creature. He climbed over to strike it, and gouged it on the sharp edifice of the tower, but it climbed faster, circling Ignis with an arachnid scuttle. Ignis crushed the wrist of the arm he had stabbed so deeply with a gauntleted blow. He pulled his sword free with difficulty and a splash of thick ichor as the creature retreated.

Klaitos, Ekkels, and Ignis regrouped on the balcony. They saw down below that the creature that Ignis had fought to take down was no longer lying unconscious on the floor. Ekkels noticed trails in the dust and ash suggesting that it had been dragged through a nearby window. Ignis stuck his cleaner spare sword through an arrow-slit and used it as a mirror to peer up, down, and around the tower; he spotted a limb of the creature being drawn into a window at about the height of the second mezzanine.

Lacking any further notion of how to press forward, the three investigated the first mezzanine for anything they had missed. Klaitos and Ignis guarded Ekkels as he combed the platform. He found it mostly barren, aside from the secret balcony and the shelf from which Wilga's Wisdoms had been withdrawn. The fire damage seemed more extensive than the ground floor, leaving little sign of what the space had been before. He did find a scrap of cloth falllen from the chase across the second mezzanine: the aged, filthy remains of an once-white tunic.

The three of them found themselves stuck for ways forward besides climbing into a likely ambush on the second mezzanine. They consoled themselves that Robin had pulled through plenty of times and was capable of rescuing herself.