Session Log 2022-03-29

From After the Aether Age
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Robin was siezed within a dozen long-fingered hands and lifted to the second mezzanine. Ekkels, tucked into a backpack, Klaitos, inspecting bookshelves, and Ignis, recovering his footing from his experiments with the void archway, hadn't noticed. Robin realized that she was on her own. Leveraging acrobatic flexibility, she freed her arm enough to draw forth and stab with a dagger, but the creatures' hides were too tough for her to pierce through. All she got for her troubles was her captors crushing her. Unable to hold out much longer, she pulled something from her belt in desperation - a vial of fireproof potion - and flung it past the fingers and over the edge of the mezzanine to splatter against the library floor.

Klaitos was the first to see - a cluster of the elongated figures moving in tandem, resembling a cloud of insect limbs lurching around something in the darkness above. He alerted Ignis, who hauled ass to the stairwell two turns of the room away. Ekkels awoke to take in the sudden alarm and volunteered his services as a living projectile. Klaitos's strength was able to hurle the diminutive Ekkels the 10 or 15 feet to the next mezzanine, but his aim was off - Ekkels was unable to reach the lip of the platform and was seized at the crest of his flight by a number of hands before he could take in more than a glimpse of the scene. Robin, unable to even see the attempt go awry, succumbed to the twisting and pulling of the massive hands that gripped her.

Klaitos, realizing his error, started barreling up the crumbling bookshelf wall. A shelf broke off under his weight, leaving him teetering, but he was able to push himself with his wind just close enough to the wall in order to grab the next handhold. With a thrust, he ascended to the second mezzanine, to find the clustered elongated figures parting into two receding forests of limbs. Klaitos stuck to his right-hand rule and pursued counter-clockwise. He was able to keep up to the mass, enough to make out a cluster of hands moving some object between them as they travelled.

Ignis sprinted over and, hearing Klaitos's approach, climbed to the second mezzanine, using his woodrot-attuned nose to detect the least structurally intact shelves and manuever past them. He swung up in time to intercept the front of the stampede, and fought it with his sword to little avail. Changing tactics, he planted his feet and grabbed several of the limbs before him. Leveraging his heavily-armored weight, he was able to trip them up and slow the group.

Guided by flashbulb-like sparks of electricity flying off of him, Klaitos rushed in to take advantage of Ignis's hindrance. He wasn't able to get ahold of and pry the hands apart, but he was able to uncover Ekkels' foot and (with the latter's help) make fleeting contact, enough for his power to be borrowed. Unfortunately, Ekkels's sudden gust of wind was insufficient to blast apart his prison of digits, and his momentary access to weather magic was lost.

Though Ignis had wrestled some of their number from the overall mass, the stampede began to coordinate against Klaitos. Ekkels was passed further ahead, sacrificing his full-body encasement to bring him to the front of the crowd. Other limbs speared down into an impromptu wall in Klaitos' path. This proved a trivial obstacle to his pursuit, however, and he simply broke through with violent momentum.