Session Log 2022-01-11

From After the Aether Age
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As the light from outside shifted to afternoon, the party considered what to do about Robin's assailant. They decided to lure it into an ambush - Ignis waited just beyond the door to the room of fractal distortions as Robin and Klaitos worked together to cast a second, illusory smokescreen throughout the room. Ekkels waited by, admiring his teammate's cooperation.

Ignis, lurking by the door, saw it crack just barely open, and had the distinct impression of some figure beyond peering in. Unable to discern detail, he waited, not wanting to betray his position by signalling the party. After over a minute of stillness, the door began to close again and he leapt into action. He threw open the door and leapt forward to seize the figure by the legs. Unwilling to let the creature which had attacked Robin escape, he shouted the moderately sexist battlecry "for the sisters" as he charged.

Instead of legs, he found himself clutching a gray-skinned, freakishly narrow, elongated hand, by the stick-like knuckles. The arm to which it was affixed stretched further into the room, disappearing somewhere within a whorl of space. The creatures's head loomed above, reaching out from the same whorl, looking like an earthworm's pointed body with human eyes embedded in stretched-taut sockets.

Ignis hauled the hand through the door into the room of onyx slabs. Klaitos joined him to overpower the creature's grip on the door, and the two of them slowly dragged it out. Robin rushed ahead to smash it again with the strange hammer, but it was knocked free of her grip by its violent struggling. The glass bauble at its base shattered, and inscribed stone within began to spark with strange energy. She stepped back and tried to figure out if it had malfunctioned.

Fully visible, it resembled a humanoid stretched to horrific insectile proportions in a looming crouch. Klaitos, Ignis, and Robin interrogated it as their captive. It stared at them with loathing, occasionally affirming with slow nods - it could understand them, it knew of Robin's hammer - but little else it answered clearly. As Klaitos and Ignis continued their inquiry, Robin noted a shadow pass over one of the windows.

Ekkels tried to get its attention to see if it wanted to be friends. He succeeded in drawing its inscrutable, focused attention. Robin, unsure of its intent, took Ekkels closer to its earthworm head for a group hug. It remained still until she was close, then thrashed its neck into her to pull her apart from Ekkels and grabbed him with its spare hand. It got to its feet and revealed itself to be only barely restrained by Klaitos and Ignis grappling its hand.

Klaitos, alarmed at Ekkels' capture, dropped the arm and raced over to save him. He was able to grab hold of Ekkels before the prison of fingers could pull out of reach, and overpowered the creature's grip to release the chaos mage.

Ignis dragged the arm across the floor to throw it into the razor shear of the cracked spire. He saw other the limbs of other elongated gray figures begin reaching into the windows above, and realized that they'd be upon him by the time he got close to the door. He refocused his efforts and bent the creature's arm until it snapped like wood. He found this a surprisingly difficult task for how thin the arm was - the creature was more durable than its proportions suggested.

As the creature writhed silently and limped backward, the others began to emerge from the windows. Robin called for a retreat into the room of floating rubble and darted to the relative safety of one room over. Ignis, his bloodlust briefly sated, and Klaitos, his Ekkels well secured, followed after her.