Session Log 2021-11-29

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Thanks to Robin's scouting, the party knew there was more to the Tower than just the room with the doors. Since they felt they had exhausted their options with the vast glyph-marked doors, the magic-sensitive hollow spire, and the strange rippling of spacetime, Ekkels took out his reliable magnifying glass and began to comb the room for clues. The worn Torch banners caught his eye, but most proved inconsequential. However, one of the ones hanging by the curtain-occluded entrance turned out to be hiding a plain-looking door.

Behind the door, a narrow, crude, and slightly warped stairwell wound up and through the wall of the tower. Klaitos was barely able to pass through, forced to turn and climb shoulder-first. A platform appeared after some distance in the darkness, with another unremarkable door to the left and further stairwell beyond.

The party chose to investigate the doorway first. Pushing aside the Torch banner on the other side, they found it led into a new area in the Tower - nothing like the room Robin had seen through the window. It appeared to be a broad hallway shaped like a ring. Its inner circumference, from which the door had emerged, had windows placed at regular intervals. Through the windows was visible the Knotted Zone beyond the tower, erratic angles of sunlight shining from the kaleidoscope sky. The outer circumference was lined with regular doors of identical make, far smaller and more humble than those that lined the ground floor.

The party opened the nearest door and beheld a large room, barely illuminated by light from a few high-up windows. A silhouette, high in the air, occluded one beam of light. Robin shone her illusory light found a square room of similar dimension to the ground floor. Curiously, large chunks of stone were hovering fixed in the air, including one that had been blocking the window. Littering the floor of this room was stone rubble of various shapes, some of which seemed to be the remnants of tables, desks, or chairs. Matching doors were visible on the left and the right walls, but an opening to a strangely indistinct chamber opposite the entrance caught Robin's eye first.

Carefully making her way across the rubble, Robin found that the opening led to a chamber similar to the hollow spire of the first floor, albeit with spatially-incongruous openings to other rooms in every direction. However, any passage into or through the chamber was blocked by what appeared to be a spiderweb of cracks and holes in the fabric of reality. Robin carefully peeked her head into the chamber and looked to each side. She was able to see into other, mostly darkened rooms, but was startled to spot what appeared to be a long, narrow, indistinct limb slipping out of view to her left. Flinching, she nearly lacerated herself on the cracks in spacetime.

Their curiosity sated for the room of floating rubble, the party moved on to the door on the right of the entrance. Beyond it lay another novel room, of roughly similar shape and dimension to the previous, but far emptier. Most prominent were four square slabs of gleaming black material in the center of the room. Above one hung a cube of similar material, fixed to the ceiling by a mechanism of heavy chains. More doors were visible on the walls opposite and to the right of the party's entrance, and an entrance to the cracked spire lay open to the left. In the corner of the room lay a pallet of unmarked crates, and painted on the wall near the entrance to the spire was a large bullseye. The party, sensing potential loot, pried open the crates to find cannonballs and ballista bolts left forgotten in moldy cushioning hay. Klaitos extracted a slimy cannonball and Robin a grody ballista bolt for unspecified reason.

Beyond the door opposite their entrance, the party found a room filled with a thicket of headache-inducing spatial distortion. It appeared as branching, root-like cords of headache-inducing lensing, and swayed lazily in the air.