Session Log 2021-11-11

From After the Aether Age
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Forced by nightfall to make camp deep within the tangled landscape surrounding the tower, each member of the party stood watch over their narrow camp. Klaitos's weariness was held at bay by mounting paranoia in the alien environment illuminated by inconsistent flickers of Firelight. Ekkels caught a glimpse of possible silvery Aetherglow somewhere in the maze during his shift. Ignis and Robin's watches passed without incident, besides the latter's reluctance to wake early.

In the morning, Ignis packed up the campsite. Klaitos lifted Ekkels to get a better look at where he had spotted the glow, but nothing of interest was visible save some rubble lying around - pieces of airships that met with a disastrous fate. Robin, seeking a closer look, leapt off the path and inspected the rubble. She found that from each piece of debris, another was visible, forming an odd path through the incoherent landscape.

The party tied themselves together with rope and followed Robin down the strange path. Klaitos found himself too large to fit precisely within the caverns of stable space, and repeatedly suffered minor cuts and pains from brushing against regions of space-warping shear. After walking some distance, they found a fork - they could see two distinct paths forward: a large brick visible through a particulary narrow path, or a piece of glass embedded dozens of yards away. The Little Dudes were sent to scout the shorter, more treacherous path. They returned safely and excitedly conveyed that they had seen something very tall.

The party manuevered through the twisted passage carefully. As they approached the exit, they saw the Knotted Tower itself come into view. It appeared that the twisted-space effect that saturated the landscape stopped a few yards from the Tower's walls. However, a pocket of altered gravity at the end of the passage threw Klaitos and Ignis off balance. They fell forward - Robin and Ekkels unable to react in time to avoid getting knocked with them - and out into the open sky, three stories above ground.

Klaitos acted quickly and grabbed ahold of some large outcroppings on the tower wall. He pinned Ekkels, Robin, and Ignis beneath him before any of them could fall. Catching their breath, he and Ignis discussed if there was a way to break in through the tower wall using Chaos magic, or a way to suspend a pulley on its surface. Meanwhile, Robin climbed down to the ground safely.

Ekkels rappelled down acrobatically using the rope that had tied the party together. Ignis went down harder - Robin attempted to soften his landing, but ended up pulling the muscles that yesterday's hiking had left stiff. Klaitos went down hardest of all - Ignis absorbed the brunt of his landing, but had the wind knocked out of him for his trouble.

Slightly worse for wear, the party stood at the threshold of the Knotted Tower, having spared themselves hours, if not days, of hiking.