Session Log 2021-10-20

From After the Aether Age
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The party spent the better part of the week around the Windwatcher's Keep. Cren and a recovered Mr. Graves flew back to Twinpyre to get re-established; Heiras remained with the party out of concern for their well-documented capacity for crashing ships.

Ignis tailed the Gale Queen's military advisors. He overheard little gossip beyond quibbling over strategic vulnerabilities in the Torch Empire, and impatience for the Keep's spies to help inform their strategies. They seemed little inclined to kick off any large-scale conflict.

Ekkels spent time working on his "book report" on the tome of Chaos Magic. It was awarded a gold star by Robin.

Klaitos repaired his Lantern Eye quickly, calibrating it to take a better look at Robin's pilfered Artificial Soul. Ekkels helped him find a tome of information on constructs and their Artificial Souls, which led him to realize that the still-attached pieces of metal frame were acting as a crude override to the Soul's inherent will. He was able to carefully release it from the frame, and made a note to "wire it in" later.

Robin hid her obscene painting on a wall behind a shelf of actuarial data in the Keep Library. She ensured that it was just barely visible from the right angle. Confident that it wouldn't be found for a long time, she was satisfied with her likeness flipping off unaware librarygoers for years to come. She also spent some time stiching together a reversible Torch Empire / Windwatcher's Keep foot soldier uniform.

The party packed for the journey and travelled with Heiras to visit the Knotted Tower. Unsure if it was worth delving too deep, they resolved to at least examine the first room or two. However, they found it difficult to even approach the tower - it was buried within a labyrinth of twisted space. From the air, the surrounding area resembled a lake-sized kaleidoscope of wasteland, sky, tower, and rubble.

Heiras slowed the Cloudjumper so that Ekkels could find an eddy of warped space that led to the Tower itself. Robin tied a rope to the bolt and tried to aim her crossbow for the Tower's window, but her bolt failed to reach the narrow opening and the rope was shredded by spatial-distortion shear. Klaitos scanned the area with the Lantern Eye, but failed to find a vulnerability in the effect.

Low on ideas, the party contemplated flying back to the Keep and constructing a pole or ballista to help reach the tower, Heiras suggested they survey the area more generally before flying home. Robin was unable to spot any special entrances from above, and Ekkels was unable to sense anything but the coruscating flow of magic in the area. Ignis suggested they fly a lap around the perimeter of the warp to see if any tunnels had been dug. The party discovered an abandoned campsite just beyond the edge of the effect, outside a passage through the lake of spatial distortion that led directly to the tower.

The passage was deemed too narrow to fly the Cloudjumper through, safely, and so Heiras settled in as the party forged onward. The passage was elongated, however, and what should have been minutes of marching became a hike that consumed the remainder of the day. Ignis got some good exercise from it, away from the smog of Twinpyre, but Robin was out of her element and left stiff from hiking after complaining the entire time.

As night fell, the party set up camp in the passage, somewhere between the now-distant Cloudjumper and the still-distant Knotted Tower.