Session Log 2021-10-11

From After the Aether Age
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The party returned to the Keep at long last aboard Heiras's Cloudjumper. Ignis hauled the injured Kobold, Hix, off to the fortress hospital. Ekkels tagged along, and aided Millie the Druid in her tending to the wounded. Ignis jump-started the process for some with a round of healing liquor, though he was confronted by a mob outside the hospital demanding he tell of the party's exploits in slaying Onox of the Emerald. Robin, mixed in with the crowd, listened to his exaggerated, self-contratulatory retelling and registered her disapproval with semi-accurate spitballs.

Klaitos visited the Gale Queen's Court to disclose what he could of their mission, eliding the specific details which the oath-song ritual had bound to secrecy. She and her councillors were glad of their success, and declared there would be a rare feast in their honor. They dismissed Klaitos to deliberate on their next action in the campaign against the Torch.

Before the feast, the party dropped into the library to prepare in various ways. Klaitos found some tomes on aether and spellcraft, enough to repair the Lantern Eye. Ignis, leaning over him, learned that runic glitches were generally a recipe for disaster and not worth memorizing as a reliable tactic. He turned his attention to a book on famous feasts and their entertainments. Ekkels found a detailed tome on Chaos Magic and started studying it and taking notes. Robin stole the library's most up-to-date map of the Torch Empire for unclear reasons. . The food for the feast was of mixed quality due to a lack of available reasources - agrimancy-grown plants aplenty, little meat - but made up for it with ample drink. Robin escaped the room's attention and used an illusion of Hix the Kobold to celebrate in proxy. Klaitos got too too drunk and pedantic, and muddled the details of Ignis's already distorted retelling even further. Ekkels donned his formal Jester's Cap and Bells and enjoyed stew and company, until he was whisked onto Ignis's head for the latter to dance with surprising adroitness. The festivities slowly died down as each found their way to their disappointingly spartan bunk in the Windwatcher's Keep.