Session Log 2021-10-01

From After the Aether Age
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The blizzard in the hearth quelled as Abar continued leading Ignis, Robin, and her quadrupedal scribe consctructs in repairing the damaged seal of the Elder Forge Elemental. While she worked, Robin seized the opportunity to prank her, drawing "Kick me" on her pack with the glowing runewand she had been lent. Unintentionally, this caused metal orbs to swell and burst out of her pack, leaving holes through which Robin could pilfer another runewand. Ignis, watching, managed to keep a straight face throughout, as Abar finished her work.

Vicriax flew to where Zorrin had been cornered by Klaitos and declared that he would not leave this place alive. Klaitos had no objection and watched as she burned the alchemist to ash. He collected 3 vials of fireproof potion that clattered to the floor from the elf's disintegrated robes.

The pact sealed and the danger passed, the party let Vicriax and Abar know of the state of the Tireless Knight back in the atrium. Klaitos passed the potion to Robin, the only non-fireproof party member with room to hold them. Griping about her taskload, Abar suddenly remembered to shut off the effect that Klaitos had drawn to siphon the Forge Elemental's power. Vicriax offered to empower a teleportation ritual circle back to the Atrium, if only to sooner rid her and Abar of the party's presence.

Exiting the dungeon, the party ran into Heiras the Cyclops, her ship Stormjumper landed in the clearing outside the entrance. She explained that Mr. Graves and Cren had contacted her to help them find the party, after hearing that they had been responsible for the assassination of the Emerald scion from refugees of Onox's fortress. They had correctly assumed that the quakes, loosed forge elementals, and general chaos of the Forges was an indicator that the party was there, and had followed them into the dungeon.

Ekkels, leading Ignis and Robin, followed the thieves' tracks to the collapsed chamber. He could hear Mr. Graves groaning about throwing out his back and Cren urging him to hurry onward. The party called out to them, and Cren slipped back through the rubble in rat form to verify. He asked if Ignis still had that healing liquor, and used it to bribe the debilitated Graves to slip into shadow and come back.

Klaitos, meanwhile, collected Hix the kobold from where he had been left, now deeply unconscious. He brought the mercenary back to the Stormjumper.

Passing by the Tireless Knight in the Atrium, Robin caught a glimpse of the Knight's artificial soul embedded deep in his breastplate. With Ignis's help, she was able to pry it mostly free from the metal frame and stow it in her pack. Emboldened by their success, she further led Ignis on a daring, albeit mostly glossed over, heist into the upper Towers to liberate Geral the Generous's golem shell that she had found in his ship when they were travelling to Twinpyre.

The party's final goals accomplished, they flew off towards the Windwatcher's Keep with Cren, Mr. Graves, Heiras, and Hix.