Session Log 2021-08-16

From After the Aether Age
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Beyond the room of rune-trapped columns and the pipe-cramped hallway was a vast cylindrical chamber decorated with worn mosaic mural from top to bottom. A somewhat unstable stairwell spiralled down into the depths of the chamber, and the vast pipes speared directly down the center of the room, supported by a massive metal trellis.

Ekkels and Robin decided not to test the railing-less stairwell in their drunken condition and instead hitched rides on Klaitos. This left him burdened enough that the trek down the boiling stairwell gave him heat exhaustion. Meanwhile, Robin and Ignis studied the mural for clues, but only noted that the artist seemed violently biased against non-scaled peoples.

Klaitos, struggling with the heat, the depth of the stairwell, and his burden, stumbled and fell as a stair broke beneath his weight. He and his two passengers fell several stories, missing and then just barely catching a grip on the scorching trellis. For the second attempt, Robin was able to swing Klaitos's backpack around a beam and lend its durability to him arresting his fall. However, this left Ekkels directly exposed to the furnace-like heat of the pipes, leaving him with heat exhaustion as well.

Robin acrobatically swung around and gave Klaitos a push, trying to help him reach the stairwell with a single leap. However, he missed the landing, and ended up crashing through several flights of stairs and rolling to an ignoble heap. Ignis ran over to help, braced himself, and dangled his pants over the abyss, giving Ekkels something to grab when his leap fell short. Robin attempted to leap to the stairwell below, but ended up dangling from a stair by Klaitos's backpack. In her desperate scrambling to climb to safety, Klaitos's backpack tore, its contents smashing against the ground far below along with the stairs knocked free by his own mass.

Ignis carried Robin and Klaitos carried Ekkels the rest of the way down. At the base of the mural, a serpent of fire and black banding circled the room. Beneath its draconic visage, the hallway onward was visible - illuminated on its own by a wall of glowing golden flame.

Ignis, conveniently fireproof, elected to plank across the length of the effect. He was unable to smother it but did provide a small gap of air. Ekkels was nominated as the one to test if the bridge of Ignis was safe, but his scattered mind was overwhelmed by a primal fear of flame and he instead hid behind Klaitos. Robin attempted to hurtle across, but the flames closed in as she passed, hungry for fuel, and scorched her. She crumbled into a heap on the far side, unconscious after smothering the last of the flames on her person.

Ignis suggested that Ekkels could borrow his fireproof magic, but Ekkels had to overcome his irrational fear to do so. With Klaitos's encouraging thumbs-up, he was able to fearfully conga across the flame with Ignis. Klaitos, however, had no such avenue to avoid the flame, and struggled to conjure up winds sufficient to envelope him. He instead hurtled through the fire, his shoulder igniting at its touch. He fought to put out the flame - it resisted his attempts to stop, drop, and roll - but Ekkels was able to overcome his fear, draw up to the burning Klaitos, and help him channel his storm magic. With Ekkels' aid, the moisture in the air gathered into a thin, soothing drizzle - just enough for Klaitos to extinguish himself.