Session Log 2021-08-13

From After the Aether Age
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Though nearby the triggered explosion rune trap, Klaitos was able to stagger free of the sudden explosions with only a minor singe, and braced himself for the initial avalanche of ceiling following the pillars' collapse. Ignis took in the architecture of the room and realized that the pillars and ceiling would not bury them where they stood, but still found it prudent to dive for safety from the churn of rubble. Robin, Ekkels, and Ignis got clear of the spray of debris by ducking back into the hall they entered from, though Ekkels wasn't quick enough to avoid a battering from a larger chunk. Klaitos called out to his team, unable to see them through the gloom, dust, and rubble.

From each side of the trap the party waited long seconds for the dust to settle, calling out to let the others know they were mostly unharmed. Klaitos spotted a large chunk of pillar collapse in front of another pillar, triggering the standing pillar's matching explosive rune. Klaitos realized that each explosion would trigger neighboring explosions until the room was buried. However, the other members of the party were loathe to try and rush through before the ceiling fell down on them. With a series of further booms, the room was divided - Ekkels, Robin, and Ignis hunkered at the entrance, Klaitos waiting in the dark by the passage onward and the metal pipes.

Klaitos was able to illuminate the passage with his lantern eye; the pipes glowed well enough in its beam to keep him from searing himself with accidental contact. He found the stuffy underground passage difficult to create a breeze in, let alone blow through the cracks in the rubble mound, and so hunkered down to avoid exerting himself in dangerous heat.

Robin searched the pile for any gap broad enough to slip through, relying on instincts honed in dozens of getaways through vents and other tight squeezes. The gap she found was stable enough and large enough for her and Ekkels to barely slip through, but Ignis was forced to abandon his armor to have any hope of passage. She was able to slip through; Ekkels nearly got stuck but relied on his indefinite anatomy to slide by. Ignis, however, found the passage a trying obstacle even without his armor, and forwent caution in his struggles to drag himself free. He emerged from the mound with force enough to disrupt its unstable configuration.

Klaitos, with Ekkels at the base of the mound, were able to dart away in time to avoid the rubble avalanche. Ignis and Robin attempted to spring down. Ignis kept his balance, but Robin nearly fell. Acting quickly, she righted herself off Ignis. This cost him his balance, sending him into the rubbleslide. Robin attempted to leap to safety before the pile hit the ground, but missed the jump and ended up getting brutally crushed and pinned against a pillar. Ignis, sliding uncontrollably in the debris, was lacerated by jagged edges. He failed to pull himself out of the rubble and was buried.

Klaitos, mindful not to cause another avalanche, unburied Robin until the rocks no longer jabbed into her compound rib fracture. He (and, to an extent, Ekkels and the little dudes) moved to unbury Ignis, who was unable to force his way free. A magical pulse from deeper within the complex raced through while he worked, rattling the pile and sending a few chunks sliding down. Klaitos was able to hold the pile steady enough for Ignis to step free. He then stacked the remaining chunks securely so as to better excavate Robin.

Ignis, standing to his feet, resolved to fight past the hindrance of his lacerations without getting drunk. Robin, meanwhile, helped herself to his healing liquor. As his magic struggled to put her ribs back together, Ekkels stepped up to provide a pantomime-conjured additional brew. Combined, they were able to get her ribs stitching back together.