Session Log 2021-08-05

From After the Aether Age
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The party confronted the Tireless Knight, almost rushing him before realizing that he might be able to stab his sword into Ekkels - or the mysterious rune circle surrounding Ekkels - before they could lay a finger on him. Ignis tried and failed to challenge him to a duel, which made Robin suspect - without being able to confirm - that the Knight might be artificial or otherwise emotionless. She attempted to deceive the Knight by disguising the circle with a pulsing rainbow, but that only saw him aim his sword at Ekkels instead. When she attempted to "vanish" Ekkels, the wary Knight poked through her illusion with his sword.

Klaitos, rethinking his charging in, unleashed a ferocious, localized storm to wash away the runes and send the Knight flying backwards. The Knight then engaged Klaitos and Ignis in battle. Though they were able to surround him, his dueling skills were a cut above theirs, and he was able to land some blows on Klaitos and nearly disarm Ignis. Meanwhile, Robin used a key from Onox's Eye as an improvised lockpick to undo the clasp on Ekkels's chains.

Ignis was able to unbalance the Knight, which Klaitos leveraged to pin him to the ground. He received a near-goring for his trouble, but the hold allowed Robin to stab her knife into his (surprisingly empty) helm and Ignis to lop off a hollow leg of armor. Klaitos pinned the Knight's sword arm, and Ekkels, propelled by curiousity, wriggled inside the pelvic opening in the armor. Inside the breastplace, he found a metal lattice supporting and channeling the power of an Aether Age artificial construct soul. He also found rings of metal bolted to that soul, overriding its will, but lacked any implement with which to remove them. . The Knight effectively defeated but unwilling to surrender, Ignis removed the remainder of his limbs, and the party tied him to a convenient stalagmite. As they deliberated their next move, the earth rumbled. The party chose to head onward into the opened obsidian tunnel towards the probable source of magic that Klaitos once registered deep underground.

They came upon a large, dusty room, held up by eroded pillars. To the left and right, rubble marked where other parts of the ancient structure had collapsed. Robin found nothing shiny with her illusory lantern, but did reveal some massive metal pipes descending from the ceiling on the far side of the room and snaking into the passage beyond. Klaitos's Lantern Eye revealed some significant magic flowing through those pipes, and as he approached them he could feel the ambient heat increasing. However, as soon as he crossed the meridian of the room, an explosive rune trap was activated at the base of the two pillars he passed through.