Session Log 2021-07-08

From After the Aether Age
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Split party: Ekkels present.

Ekkels awoke to find himself bound tightly in chain, his hands tied further in burlap and rope. He was dangling over the shoulder of the armored Tireless Knight, who, though still bearing the damage of his fall, was keeping apace with Vicriax and Abar. The three of them had returned to the undercity Forges, evading the pursuit of the Torch militia, and though Tigni had evidently escaped, Ekkels was still thoroughly their captive. Vicriax led the group, at one point stopping to loose some strange elementals of flame and iron and command them with a chant in a strange tongue.

The group was ambushed along the way by scaled warriors working for the Torch. The Tireless Knight kept him out of the fray, but Ekkels let out a startling shout, helping one to ambush and backstab Vicriax with a shortsword that left a shallow, smoking wound. The Knight covered his mouth to keep him from further interfering. The elementals arrived to aid Vicriax, but Ekkels was able to mimic Vicriax's command and turn them on the Knight. The knight was able to evade their blows, but wasn't able to harm them; he fought to get away until Vicriax came forward and bludgeoned Ekkels to get him to stop.

She reassumed command of the elementals and left them to clean up the battlefield. The Tireless Knight tightened his grip on Ekkels as they moved on, though he had managed to use the elementals' attack to free his hands from the burlap. Now able to touch it, he found the Knight's armor to be animated by magical force, and detected that a more potent source of magic somewhere in his breastplate. He attempted to use that magical force to amplify his strength, but wasn't strong enough to break out of the chains even then.

The four of them reached their destination - the stone chamber in which Mr. Graves and Cren had hunkered down; in which they had last met with Vicriax before the assassination. Abar set about drawing a ritual circle on the ground. Vicriax summoned the Mirror Skull, who was pleased to see her in one piece. Tapping into ancestral laws, it declared itself to be Haxryn's Image, familiar to the late Haxryn of the Emerald. It claimed the right to dictate the inheritance of the power of the Council of Flame due the Emerald bloodline - its share of the aetheric power the council held. It then granted that power to Vicriax, as the heir of the exterminated Gold bloodline, the ancestral progenitor of the Emerald from before the Day of the Archdemon.

Ekkels sensed the disturbance as Vicriax mantled the power of the Council. Her eyes began to glow with golden fire, and her voice took on a strange, imposing resonance. Haxryn's Image noted that the job wasn't done yet, and departed. Abar completed her ritual circle and placed Ekkels inside, warning him that if he tried to leave it would "explode all the chaos magic in him", and that the Tireless Knight would watch over him to trigger the circle if need be.

Vicriax stood before the onyx wall of the cavern and waved her hand. The stone seal disintegrated before her to reveal a broad tunnel down, and she and Abar ventured further into the depths below Twinpyre, leaving the Tireless Knight and Ekkels - still bound - behind.