Session Log 2021-06-30

From After the Aether Age
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Split party: Robin, Klaitos, and Ignis present.

As they were escorted to the nomad village (alongside Ignis, bedraggled and unconscious, dragged across the wastes by kobolds), Robin and Klaitos talked to the Kobold hunters. Robin took credit for felling Onox, to the hunters obvious excitement; Klaitos divulged to them Ignis's frequent drinking and unconsciousness.

Upon arrival, Kortil left to get the sage, Arijat, to speak with them. Ignis awoke, and with the help of the villagers, drank enough water to start recovering from his hangover and washed his wounds enough to scab over. Arijat bade the admitted assassins introduce themselves, and introduced herself in turn. She noted that Ignis was of Flame nobility, which turned the crowd suspicious, but he was able to sway some of them to his defense by proclaiming himself opposed to his father's ways.

Arijat asked for an accounting of the assassination, which Robin animated for her with aplomb. This entertained the crowd but irritated Arijat, who proclaimed that the village would make its next seasonal migration tomorrow, a month ahead of when they'd normally plan. Due to the proximity of the village to the site of the assassination, the isolationist village would be at risk of interrogation and worse when the Torch came to investigate. Having been associated with the assassins - known terrorists, who had boasted and made no attempt to conceal their deed - would do them no favors, and the three of them were to leave tomorrow as well. She left on that note, her villagers despondent at the news.

Ignis aided the community as they packed up their camp, helping herd some lizard packbeasts into a tent stable for the night. The stable kobold was a fan of his, but brought up that he had fought Vennat, the village's champion and benefactor, in the past. Ignis was able to convince the kobold that he wouldn't harm the sage's apprentice in the future, and won his camaraderie.

Robin went diving with several of the hunters of the nomads to scavenge Onox's corpse. She figured out where the dragon had landed sank, and used the knowledge to try and steal a scale or fang first. Though she managed to swim to the bottom, the dragon's hateful remaining eye glimmered more tantalizingly than those, and she squandered her remaining breath struggling to pry it free of the socket. Failing, she gave up her pursuit, and provided light and aid to the other divers.

On her way back, Kortil confronted her, too, about harming Vennat. She felt that they were a danger, willing to callously leave him abandoned in the wastelands. Robin responded flippantly, angering the hunter, but was unable to probe for more information by doing so.

Klaitos followed Arijat around the camp as she spoke to the more distressed villagers. He apologized for the trouble they had brought, and inquired if she could help them get a vehicle; she professed that there was none in the village, but offered to make an arrangement that Vennat, her apprentice turned mercenary adventurer, could come and retrieve them. She warned Klaitos that a debt would be owed, and claimed the right to two unspecified later favors of the "assassins" in a magically binding arrangement. Klaitos deferred to speak with his teammates when they regrouped in the village at night. The party decided to accept the deal; Klaitos chosen to receive the song-spell binding, which the sage claimed would allow her to contact him when a favor was needed.

Before they turned in, Robin snuck off to the packed dragonic corpse salvage and slipped Onox's fang into her inventory.