Session Log 2021-06-23

From After the Aether Age
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Split party: Klaitos and Robin present.

Robin cleaned her scrape wounds as Klaitos swam ashore. The two of them saw Onox's Eye, still afloat, emitting smoke and fleeing ships far above the lake. Hidden with Klaitos amidst a thin lakeside wood, Robin attempted to use her illusions to draw one to the lakeshore where she had landed, but struggled to maintain her focus through her concussion, leaving the details of the image hazy.

An illusory Zor of the Onyx roared for the guards of the keep to land and aid him; unfortunately, Robin's loose grip on the magic was disrupted by the exertion, and her subconscious fears infected it: his face distorted into a fusion of his and Lord Arva's scowls. Fortunately, Robin was able to pass that as the work of a sorcerous infiltrator that had laid a curse upon the Onyx vizier.

"Zor" demanded the ship clear of "plebs" for his boarding, and intimidated the refugee citizens into clearing off. Meanwhile, Klaitos began stirring mist up for concealment. His latent electricity reacted to the moisture, sparking dramatically and ruining his concealment. A kobold fled back onto the ship, fearing some sort of electrical phantom, as guards surged forward into the wood. "Zor" demanded the rest of the guards give chase, and beckoned a snakefolk from the observatory - the only civilian admitted capable of steering the ship - to board with him.

Klaitos used the cover of mist to slip behind the guards and join Robin on the lakeshore. He channeled lightning to terrify the remaining civilians away from the ship, but struck with too much force and disrupted Robin's focus on the illusion. The two of them leapt to board as the snakefolk began ascending. Though the guards fired a volley from below and the fearful kobold struck at the boarders with a spyglass, Klaitos was able to haul them aboard.

This was to be short-lived, however, as the snakefolk pilot spun the ship to throw them off. Klaitos failed to get a grip and plummeted back into the lake; Robin held on with Ignis's still-knotted robe. The ship began to spin out into the wood as the pilot lost control. Robin caught up to him at the front of the ship and shot him off the steerage with her crossbow, however, her own piloting was insufficient to pull the ship up in time and she was bodily flung from the deck as it crashed into the trees.

The guards readied their spears against Klaitos and Robin, but were laid low by a surprise attack from nomadic kobold hunters. As they helped Robin to her feet, a heavily-scarred one introduced herself as Kortil and asked if they could return with her to their village. She believed her village would wish to speak to stranded strangers about matters such as the dead dragon and the armored, bedraggled Ignis that the kobolds had fished up.