Session Log 2021-06-09

From After the Aether Age
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Split party: Ekkels present.

Ekkels, aboard Vicriax's ship, remained a model captive at first. Vicriax, studying a scroll from her pack as they flew to Twinpyre, left him for Abar to study. Enchanted by Abar's silvery instruments, Ekkels wouldn't sit still, and was soon magically restrained hand, foot, and mouth by the frustrated dwarf so that she could conduct her tests. Her mood turned apprehensive, though, as she realized that Ekkels might channel enough chaos magic to level Twinpyre. Vicriax cryptically commented that that would make a fine "backup plan".

The Mirror skull reported that Zor of the Onyx had managed to raise the alarm in advance of their arrival at the capital, and that the remaining defenses were mobilizing against them. Ekkels, still restrained, was taken belowdecks with Abar in anticipation of evasive manuevering. He was taken to a storage deck, where Tigni was held captive by a half-dozen Mirror creatures.

While Abar was distracted by her aetheric calculations, Ekkels was able to partially nullify his bonds with chaos magic (loosing their spatial anchoring and weakening their consistency to dense taffy). He snuck up to her in order to grab her ankle, letting him channel his chaos magic through her runewand to generate her own restraints on her. As Abar shouted and kicked, Tigni's guard advanced on Ekkels.

Ekkels was backed against the wall, but Tigni was able to use her ability to shift into flame to leap across the room next to him. The Mirror creatures were able to harm her, even in flame, with some kind of magical disruption. Ekkels loosed the little dudes as a distraction, and tried to harness Tigni's fire magic to slip through the remaining creatures, but overcharged it into a rolling burst of flame that left the little dudes smoldering. He flew to Abar, attempting to use her as a dwarven shield, as Tigni flew to the ceiling to avoid the creatures. Both were slashed by magic-disrupting claws and swords in the attempt.

Though Abar was too restrained to stop him, the creatures were able to surround him and nullify his unwilling cover. Sensing a losing battle, his concern for the little dudes overrode his commitment to his mission. Leaving Tigni to her own devices, Ekkels leapt into the fray to smother and gather up the little dudes. The mirror creatures immediately surrounded him and beat him unconscious.