Session Log 2021-06-03

From After the Aether Age
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Both sides wounded, the fight against Onox of the Emerald grew bloodier and more desparate. Zor of the Onyx attempted to take as hostage a still-deafened Ekkels, but failed to maintain a grip on his inconsistent shape. Klaitos battled the remaining reflection dragon, easily outmatching its clumsy maneuvers. Onox climbed a pillar to begin casting a magic ritual, but was interrupted by Ignis and grievously wounded by Robin. As the outcome of the battle became apparent, both he and Zor attempted to escape his assassins, but the former's injuries proved too great for him to reach the exit. A final volley from Robin sealed his fate.

The moment his eyes dimmed, Vicriax flew to the entrance of the lair to reconvene with Abar. As the party rushed up the stairs, Ekkels peered out from Klaitos's pack and saw Abar preparing to teleport the two away. Ignis realized that their betrayal was nigh, and that Tigni was in danger. Ekkels (his hearing recovering) heard this and was spurred to save the friend he had made in Lord Fireheart's secret villa. Klaitos threw him across the room, but overcompensated to avoid dropping his friend in a sea of shattered mirror - Ekkels slammed into the teleportation disc, his chaos magic magnifying and scrambling its intended effect. The party, Vicriax, Abar, and the corpse were all teleported outside, far above the lake water.

Ekkels seized Vicriax's leg as she attempted to slow her fall with her wings. Though Abar tried to shove him off, Vicriax told the her artificer ally to leave him alone - clearly powerful, he could be of more use to them alive than dead. The three of them hovered, Vicriax straining her wings, as one of the two ships hidden in the sky above the fortress swooped down to let them board. Swarming with distorted mirror monsters and commandeered by the dragonskull reflection, the ship took off for Twinpyre.

The rest of the party, in freefall, scrambled to prepare for the impact below. Robin pulled off Ignis's robe and fashioned it into a makeshift parachute. Klaitos tried to spin a tornado to catch the three of them, but only succeeded in flinging them in different directions. Ignis attempted to cliff-dive into the water, but landed painfully and passed out on impact. Klaitos, his injuries light, was able to splash down without more than having the wind knocked out of him. Robin glided with her "parachute" to a rough landing on the rocky beach of the lake.