Session Log 2021-05-20

From After the Aether Age
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Grounded and cut off from his greater powers, Onox attempted to use the still-grappled Zor as a fiery cannon, searing Robin with a shimmering pulse of disintegrating heat but missing the Bloody sigil. His reflection struck at Ignis, but when he attempted to lunge at Robin, Klaitos was able to shove him off course into one of the mirror pillars. His violent impact shattered the mirror and caused him to drop his vizier/weapon. Ekkels maintained his grip and proceeded to poke holes in the dragon's wings with a shard of green glass; Vicriax followed suit and burned the other wing, no longer fireproof with Onox severed from his hereditary powers. Robin passed the Bloody sigil to Ignis and poisoned her crossbow bolts, positioning herself to snipe the Councillor of Flame.

Pained, enraged, and depowered, Onox lashed out with his tail to try and crush Ignis. With Klaitos's help in blocking it, Ignis stayed well clear of the attack. His reflection had little more success. Zor took the opportunity to slink off into the darkness of the lair chamber. Robin shot the larger dragon, leaving him with blood dripping into his eye and a painful jolt of poison. Klaitos attempted to ignite Vicriax's flames into a fireball, but lost control of the weather magic, throwing fireballs in all directions. The expanded burns, however, let Vicriax land a painful maceblow on exposed flesh, leaving him numbed along his back. Ignis, carrying aloft the Bloody sigil, taunted the Councillor from the top of the ziggurat.

Ignis's taunts were short-lived - Zor blasted the Bloody sigil from the shadows, restoring some of Onox's power and his other 7 reflections. Onox, faster, stronger, and more enraged than a moment ago, leapt at Ignis with a vicious bite, leaving him with a chewed-up arm. His reflection attacked Robin, knocking her down the ziggurat and leaving her with a mild concussion. Klaitos, eying the 7 reflections still crawling out of the mirrors, began brewing a tremendous thunderclap to shatter them all. Robin, overcoming dizziness from her concussion managed to vengefully shoot the dragon in his eye, taking advantage of his blood-obscured vision and venom-stung sensitivity. Vicriax attempted to follow suit, burning the blinded side of his face, but his writhing prevented her flame from catching. Ignis, knocked to the ground, struggled to fight the reeling Flame scion, even with Ekkels's help, and cried out to Klaitos for his aid. Klaitos, calling upon the storm in his blood, spurred to save the reckless Fireheart, was able to loose the thunder needed to shatter the mirrors and the emergent dragons and damage the already-real one. However, the blast was centered on Ignis and Ekkels for the former's having called his attention at the wrong moment. The former was partially deafened, but the frailer Ekkels was badly hurt and left totally deafened, having barely saved himself by his awareness of Klaitos's magic. Abar, taking this moment to act, attempted to drop a large, heavy chunk of stone on the injured dragon, but he twisted out of the way in time for it to slam uselessly into the ziggurat.