Session Log 2021-05-14

From After the Aether Age
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The party peered into the lair of Onox of the Emerald and found him in a meeting with his vizier, Zor of the Onyx. Zor was patiently detailing the latest news from his various informants regarding the disposal of Ignis and Vicriax and new intelligence on the Colossus from the north as Onox interrupted to express suspicions and complain for more concrete results.

Ignis relayed to Robin a useful insult for the Emerald scion, informed by his studies of the mosaic hall above. Robin used the insult to sow discord, making it sound as though Zor had overstepped outrageously. Onox's fury was quelled by Zor's silver tongue, but his suspicions had been raised.

Robin and Ignis concocted a plan whereby the latter and Vicriax would leap down, posing as Zor's assassins. Ignis, eying the steep drop, decided that he needed some liquid courage to make the leap (and did so poorly); Vicriax merely glided. Between their declarations and Robin using the Mirror Skull's voice to place a paranoid suggestion in Onox's head, he seized the smaller dragon and faced off against his would-be assassins. Klaitos brought Robin and Ekkels to the floor of the lair, landing painfully but keeping them safe. Ekkels, sensing vast magical power within the Emerald scion, generated a stifling field of chaos magic.

Onox breathed choking soot throughout the room. Klaitos attempted to clear it with wind magic, but the field of chaos magic caused him to draw it into his own face, further injuring him. Ekkels, wanting to put his power to better use, crept closer to the great dragon, but fell short upon being caught in his vivid glare. Ignis taunted the dragon more, keeping his attention off Ekkels, as Vicriax tried and failed to ascend from the cloud of soot. Robin snuck over to where Zor was pinned, but was unable to spot a vulnerable place to inject the syringe that Kidritch had given her earlier.

Onox took to the air and tapped into the power of the Council of Flame, overcoming Ekkels's aura and bringing his eight reflections to life. Zor pleaded to be released to help, at which Onox pointed him at Ignis; the smaller dragon claimed that Fireheart was fireproof and asked for another target. Robin pulled out the Bloody sigil, sealing the well of Onox's power (and reducing his cohort to one reflection) but becoming the full focus of his attention. Klaitos caber-tossed Ignis into the air, whereupon he drew on his fascination with banned books on dragonslaying to target the muscle cluster at the stem of Onox's wing with the Dragonbone spear. The blow wounded the dragon, sending him to the ground. The curse of the spear leached the color from the scales and the soot from his breath. Vicriax took the opportunity to hurl a golden fireball at the no-longer-fireproof lizard. Ekkels got Klaitos to toss him atop the dragon's back, where he could cling to the spear for stability.