Session Log 2021-05-04

From After the Aether Age
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In the fractal vault, Ignis and Vicriax kept the distorted Pewter Soldiers at bay as Robin, Klaitos, and Abarpuzzled over the other Runed crystal. Ekkels was able to guide Ioxol to the right reflection. Robin and Ioxol pressed the two crystals against each other through the mirror until their resonance caused them to shatter into powder.

The Mirror Skull soon arrived on the scene and took command of the Pewter Soldiers. It noted that it was now free to wreak havoc throughout the mirror magic of the fortress - magic that it claimed to have had a part in inventing - except for Onox's lair below, where another, smaller ward prevented its entry. It proceeded to unleash mirror distortion monsters throughout the rest of the fortress, leaving the party free to explore more leisurely.

Robin spotted a particularly glittery treasure in the fractal vault - a human skeleton covered in small onyx gems - and, with Ioxol's help, stored the skull in her broken hand mirror. The party then left to see if they could find any clues elsewhere to help bypass the security of the trapped inner-wall doors.

The party found a slightly disheveled chamber seemingly dedicated to surveillance - a pyramidal structure in the center showed the surrounding lands, and other configurable mirrors reflected far-off vistas. Robin snatched a pair of Intricate goggles off the ground and discovered them capable of intense magnification. She gave them Ekkels, who continued to nose around the room as the rest of the party headed to the guard office to look for more clues. He circled the room, peering into each of the mirrors.

One wall showed deserts, ziggurats, armies, and pits with beasts reminiscent of a much larger Sand Shark. The next showed the battle against the Colossus - which appeared to have been halted, if not yet destroyed - and a meeting in the warcamp of Lord Fireheart. The third beheld Twinpyre, Lord Fireheart's Estate, and the smoking ruins of Haxryn's Talon. The last seemed to be pointed at random stretches of swamp canopy.

Meanwhile, Ignis attempted to intimidate the last two guards cowering in the back of the guard office into showing him the door to the lair, but they pled ignorance and told him to ask the captain. Ignis and Klaitos ruffled through the papers on the captain's desk, but it took Ekkels to find an Encoded diagram of the floor. Robin was able to partially decode the cipher, and narrowed it down to two possibilities. Ignis threw open one candidate - Vicriax having declined the potential to get knocked on her ass like Robin had - and found himself unflung, the entrance to Onox's lair before him.

Ioxol bid a perhaps temporary farewell to the party - with the outer ward down, he was free to roam once more, but if they were unsuccessful in assassinating Onox, he'd end up somewhere on the floor trapped again - and slipped free of the hand mirror. The rest of the party stepped into the lair, preparing to face the dragon they had come to slay.