Session Log 2021-04-22

From After the Aether Age
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Having saved one halfling clown from an ignoble end in the sandpit, the party let out the remaining prisoners - another halfling clown, an elderly lizardfolk servant, and the Little Dudes, stuck beneath a heavy leaden bucket. The clowns explained that the hatch to the sandpit was used to threaten and execute prisoners at the jailers' whims. Curious, the party tossed the bucket and the unconscious Jailer into the pit. A massive Sand Shark emerged to devour the latter.

The party split off from Iscrin as she attempted to lead the prisoners on an escape attempt back up through the Labyrinth. The party circled around the other way - passing over the door to the sandpit - and found a room with 4 guards posted outside. Robin attempted to lure them away from their post with a an illusion of one of the Jailers, pleading for help quelling a prison break, but was rudely dismissed. Ekkels's Little Dudes were able to lure one guard into ambushing range. Robin's impersonation of that guard did little to convince the others to abandon their position, but was able to distract them long enough for the party to rush in. Their swift application of violence was enough to prevent them from raising the alarm.

The party strode into the guarded room. The interior was tastefully decorated in gold and green, carpeted and illuminated with museum-quality lighting. The walls were mirrors of a strange sort - instead of reflecting the room in full, each was comprised of a complex fractal of mirrors within mirrors. The reflections held a vast array of treasures, though the party, unable to enter the mirrors, was unable to take any.

Ioxol was loosed into the fractal to wander, happy to stretch his abstracted legs in a larger surface than the shard of mirror allowed, but he could not retrieve the objects to return them to the real world. Klaitos was able to detect the other generator of the Mirror Ward, another Runed Crystal on a stone dais in one of the smaller fractal panes. Ekkels studied the mirrors but became disoriented by the attempt. Robin took out Haxryn's Scale and touched it to the surface of the mirror. The scratching effect spread into the fractal and took over a platoon of Pewter Soldiers. Like the mirror monsters of Haxryn's Talon, these emerged into the world distorted and hostile.