Session Log 2021-04-15

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The party continued the ruse of Vic, interrupted by Ignis telling Robin he needed her lockpicks. He used them to open the glass box with the runed crystal, though got them jammed in the lock, leaving Robin lockpickless. The party absconded with the crystal, Vic vanishing from Vod and Volyn as abruptly as he arrived.

In the hall, Abar inspected the crystal. She confirmed what Ioxol had identified - the crystal was the source of the mirror ward - and further noted that it was an extremely intricate effect, likely made in a lab by an expert of greater than (or equal to) her own skill. She named the bloodline of Silver as a possible candidate, but admitted she couldn't effectively tinker with it without time, space, and quiet that were at a premium at the moment.

Klaitos shone the Latern Eye on it, revealing it to be glowing with power from an unseen source and pulsing some effect in all directions. He could see the pulses of the other source of the effect, on the opposite side of the circular hall, amplifying the effect of the crystal Abar held. The party resolved to track down the other source before damaging or messing with this one.

Robin pocketed the crystal and attempted to open the doorway on the inner side of the circular hall using the same Ioxol + illusion puppet trick she used previously. Instead, the doors flung open, striking her. A statue of a dragon blasted the hallway with searing ash and soot, harming several party members and leaving Ekkels on fire. The trap was loud enough to alert the guards in the office behind the party, so they fled down the circle in the other direction and sprinted into the next outer door they came across.

They found a small prison with two floors and three guards. Ignis terrorized one guard into submission and feigned unconsciousness while Vicriax made a gory mess of the other. Robin kept the third, a floor away, from investigating. Klaitos summoned a small raincloud to help Ekkels recover from being On Fire. His regeneration helped this along, leaving him merely Slightly melted.

Using the guard's keys, the party locked the guard playing possum in an empty cell. They interviewed some prisoners - Korika, an anxious lizardfolk clerk accused of embezzlement, and Iscrin, a haughty, cagey snakefolk. Iscrin was evasive about helping the party until they confirmed they were looking to access Onox's Bedroom, at which point she changed her tune and explained the secret she had been arrested for snooping about.

She told them that the outer wall of the hallway was ringed by 6 rooms, with another door opposite each on the inner wall. One of the inner doors was the door to access Onox's lair, but it was randomized among the other five by a pattern that she had been arrested for investigating. The other five doors were trapped with similar statues to the one that struck the party earlier.

The party elected to free her as a guide to the floor and to help lead a distracting prison break. They freed the clerk, Korika, as well, lacking a reason to ignore his pleas and obsequity. As Vicriax finished dispatching the other guard, they inspected the prisoners there, but elected to leave behind an imprisoned guard (Vicriax said to) and a terrified kobold (Iscrin couldn't persuade him to come any closer to the "golden dragon" he so feared).

Abar and Ignis climbed the ladder to the upper hall of the prison. There, a guard was taunting a halfling in smudged clown makeup, ordering him to sing songs about dragons killing things while dangling him out of a hatch at the end of the hall. The halfling seemed terrified by the drop, for reasons the party couldn't see from the ladder hole. When Klaitos made the ladder creak coming up, the guard was alerted, and the halfling became his hostage. Ignis used the tension of the moment - three armed adventurers emerging behind him out of nowhere - to deliver a pun about clowning around, leaving the guard confused and questioning reality, but still threatening to hurt the halfling if the party didn't put down their weapons and back up.

Robin sprung up off the ladder to shoot the guard, spurred by his abuse of authority, sinking an arrow in his stomach. When he made his ultimatum - stand down, or the halfling gets it - an illusory replica of the statue shadow from the tower climbed into the hatch and scared away what remained of his wits. Abar incapacitated him with a pain rune, as the halfling carefully opened his eyes to take in what was happening.