Session Log 2021-04-08

From After the Aether Age
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The party regrouped on the stairwell out of the labyrinth. They debriefed, and decided on a password of "pickle" to identify themselves if they suspected the magma creature formerly known as Nylian infiltrated their ranks. Klaitos carefully knocked out Kolo the hostage guard and helped Abar divine that there were two sources of the mirror ward on the floor below, amplifying off each other.

The group emerged into a wide circular hallway, patrolled intermittently by guards. Casting an illusion of another patrol far ahead, they headed counterclockwise, following the right-hand rule. They came across pairs of doors on either side of the circle. Ignis noted that there were large rectangular spaces of lighter dust on the walls, and deduced that something had been removed somewhat recently.

Robin tried the first two doors on the right, on the other rim of the circle, using Ioxol's mirror and an illusion of a guard poking a head inside to peek to spy on the occupants. The first room was full of guards, and someone asked if the "guard" needed paperwork, to which Robin responded that they'd be back for it shortly and snuck off.

The second room had a sole? occupant - a two-headed, four-armed lizardperson, muttering between their heads about aetheric calibrations and measurements as they fiddled with a complex panel of dials, meters, and other operational controls. Robin interrupted Vod and Volyn with an illusion of a third head, Vic, and an accompanying pair of arms, claiming to have been born out of the two's need for extra help for their complex task. Undersocialized and eager to discuss, the two were occupied by Abar feeding Robin aetheric gobbledygook to their conversation.

Ekkels, attracted by the strange glowing panels, wandered into the room to investigate. He found, up on the wall, a strange crystal containing a kaleidoscope of shifting runes in a locked glass box. With Klaitos's boost, he was able to touch Ioxol's mirror to the glass, allowing the entity to slip into the reflections of the box and the crystal. Once inside, Ioxol informed Ekkels that he had found one of the sources of the Mirror Ward that had trapped it and was blocking Vicriax's ally, the Mirror Skull.