Session Log 2021-03-30

From After the Aether Age
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Split party: Ignis and Klaitos present.

Ignis, Klaitos, and Frog followed after Vicriax and Abar. Ignis noticed that Frog was on edge, and offered her a drink so that she could get pleasantly buzzed instead. Vicriax led the group into the dungeon, reasoning that the best way forward was away from the guards behind and away from wherever the assumed-traitorous Nylian had gone.

The group found there way back to the slacker's room, where lizardfolk guards shirked their duty and reclined under aetheric sunlamps behind noise-dampening heavy curtains. They attempted to sneak in and murder one guard each as Klaitos seized the last. Abar stirred them from their sleep, but she, Frog, Ignis, and Vicriax were able to messily dispatch their targets before they could sound the alarm. Ignis performed a one-man good-cop bad-cop on the traumatized, headlocked guard which Klaitos held captive. The guard, broken, told them of a secret illusory mirror that led to the stairwell down.

The party took their captive with them and followed his directions to the alleged stairwell. However, the lights of many torches began to glow ahead in their path - a sweep of the area was going to intercept them before they found the exit. The group retreated back into the maze, Ignis memorizing the path back to the false mirror.

They were able to evade the sweep, but Vicriax's haste led the group into a trap - an apparent knot of space, in which a 4-way intersection with a mirrored column in the center looped endlessly. The captive guard knew little of the trap, only that information on getting free of it was restricted to his higher-ups. Klaitos repaired the Lantern Eye and, with Abar's measurements, studied the area. They determined that the looping effect was actually the result of portals at the edges of the intersection, and that those portals were shaped like the hallway. Using this, Abar was able to slowly carve the stone beneath the portal out into a shallow tunnel, and the group was able to slip free of the looping room.

The party, still with captive in tow, found the sweep gone while they were caught in the out-of-the-way trap, and made it back to the false mirror on Ignis's direction. They stepped through to the stairwell down.