Session Log 2021-03-25

From After the Aether Age
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Split party: Ekkels and Robin present.

Nylian dove confidently into the labyrinth with Ekkels and Robin at her heels. Robin provided an illusory light, though their reflections were eerily hidden in darkness in the many green mirrors. She led the group to the hallway blocked by the cracked Turtle Statue. Robin easily got past it, and was able to help Ekkels follow. Nylian fumbled and got an arm stuck under the shell. She waited for the others to step away before she slipped free, but they were able to fake their leave and watch as her arm glowed and her limb rippled out of the trap. Robin and Ekkels decided she was a shapeshifting impostor, though Ekkels suspected she might just be shy about it.

Ekkels tested her shapeshifting with a fake sneeze to excuse a "spontaneous" pulse of chaos magic. As Robin's illusory torchlight bounced around, Nylian barely stumbled, leaving the test inconclusive. He then distracted her, asking for a tissue, so that Robin was able to give her the illusory slip, retreating to the gloom just beyond the torch's reach.

They passed through an Atrium with 5 tunnel entrances and the stairs back to the dining hall, with another Eye Column in the middle. Robin's illusion was able to present an illusory Emerald Scale for passage, as she herself secretly presented the real one just a few yards away. Unfortunately, some guards caught sight of Robin lurking behind the party, and gave chase.

Nylian bolted, a surprisingly fast runner for a scrawny elf. Robin used her Smoke Bomb to slow the far slower guards behind, and caught up to Ekkels. Ilusions of the two of them kept at Nylian's heels until she came across an illusory Tortoise Statue blocking the path forward.

Nylian gave up, cursed, and began to transform, her skin and clothes breaking apart and sinking into a magma core to be replaced with a new appearance. The illusory Ekkels attempted to hug her, but was evaded and rebuffed with a splash of magma. Nylian completed their transformation to the appearance of a Lizardfolk Guard of the fortress, then attacked the illusory party members and called the other guards to join them.

The real Robin, disguised in a guard's uniform, gave Ekkels the other she had stolen, and used red paint to make themselves look injured as the other guards caught up to the "fight". The illusory Ekkels was slain defending the illusory Robin, whose portrayal of outrage and grief matched the shapeshifter's gloating that they had always found Ekkels to be a nuisance.

As the guards joined the battle, the real Robin staged her and Ekkels' exit, vanishing first the Turtle Statue upon "Robin"'s death and then their doppleganger corpses once they had a decent head start. The two of them darted back through the Atrium, relying on Robin's ability to case the joint to find where they hadn't yet looked.

They wandered up to a mirror - the very first that had actually reflected Robin's illusionary light. Strange things began occurring in its reflection - the spell hanging in the wrong place, Ekkels' reflection becoming a perfectly ordinary, somewhat blank human man, and Robin's touch causing her own reflection to begin to disintegrate. Robin attempted to touch it with an illusion, at which point the reflected image began to pulse and swim, and a voice asked her to stop tickling it with her illusion magic.

The voice introduced itself as Ioxol - a mirror-bound illusionary poltergeist, formerly able to hop from reflection to reflection, now trapped in an out-of-the-way corner of the labyrinth by some kind of magic ward. It had played pranks on the guards until the guards had stopped coming this way for fear of being haunted. It didn't mean any harm, and offered to lead Robin and Ekkels out of the labyrinth if they would take it with them - it could only travel between reflective surfaces in contact with each other, under the ward. It knew the way - before the ward had gone up, it had identified a specific fake mirror in the labyrinth that it couldn't visit, but that it could see the janitor passing over for polishing.

Following its directions, Ekkels and Robin made it to the false mirror. Passing through the illusion, they found the stairs down to the next floor.