Session Log 2021-03-18

From After the Aether Age
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Klaitos recklessly took an explosion to the face from Jero's trap and then slammed him into the Cloaked Poisoner. Robin nabbed and threw the Poisoner's dagger into Jero, leaving him Bleeding and poisoned. The Poisoner surrendered, revealing herself to be Frog. Wyvern attempted to escape, but was foiled by Ekkels's chaos magic and Ignis catching up, tripping him, and injuring him for the guards, alerted by the explosion, to catch up to him first.

The party fled the particulate-coated, flame-scorched, blood-stained arena that had become of the hallway outside of the Janitor's Closet. Frog described how they had teleported in by flame, emerging from the coals of what sounded like the Onyx Dragon's tower. She didn't know how Jero was tracking them. Ignis deduced that the Vicriax's Gold bloodline was distantly related to Onox and Haxryn's Emerald.

Nylian and Vicriax split at the first fork - Vicriax declared she didn't trust the elf enough to stick with her. Nylian argued that she'd been committing the labyrinth layout to memory and that she was best able to lead them to the exit, and that Vicriax was acting foolish at a critical moment.

Nylian took the left fork. She was accompanied by Ekkels, who felt compelled to defend a friend that his other friends were abandoning, and Robin, who wanted to keep an suspicious eye on her.

Vicriax took the right fork. She was accompanied by Abar, Ignis, who trusted her capability as it served her interests, Klaitos, minding Ignis, and Frog, following the tougher-looking group.