Session Log 2021-03-11

From After the Aether Age
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Abar and Vicriax, clear of the particulate, ran in to rejoin the fight. A line of fire magic drawn across the length of the hallway covered the assassins in their attempt to regroup. It erupted into a wall of flame as Klaitos rushed down the hallway and charged into the assassins' back lines. Ignis used the flame to fire-grapple the Built Assassin, Lightweight Assassin in tow, realizing up close that they were none other than Svarog and Whisperer with the Assassin's Guild. Vicriax was alarmed to hear the Guild had found them here and surmised that the party had been betrayed at some turn. She used her wings to interrupt the wall of flame, letting Robin crossbow snipe Svarog and leave him bleeding heavily. Klaitos fought against a Cloaked Poisoner who was no match for him in hand-to-hand combat and managed to grapple Jero, interrupting the wall of flame. Ignis shook off Wyvern's firework pyromancy. Recalling a judo text he had studied, he used one of its techniques to powerslam both grappled assassins unconscious. In the adrenaline rush he flexed off the remaining numbing poison. Ekkels rushed in flailing to startle Wyvern, leaving him thrown off his game. The fight seemed to turn in the party's favor, though they were unsure why the guards hadn't come to investigate.