Session Log 2021-02-18

From After the Aether Age
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The party wandered aimlessly through the labyrinth and found a curtained-off sunning chamber, then wound up back where they started. Robin began marking the party's path with small, nearly-hidden streaks of paint, after which they were able to find a janitor's closet, the elderly janitor herself sleeping within.

Robin attempted to get the key from the janitor with an illusion of an obsequious kobold janitor, but she remained unmoved. She abandoned that tack and plotted to swipe the key instead. Before she could, however, a guard patrol passed through - she and Ekkels were able to hide inside the closet, but Klaitos, Ignis, Nylian, Vicriax, and Abar snuck back into the labyrinth. Klaitos was able to lead them all back to the closet.

However, as they approached, the group was ambushed from behind. A device thrown at their feet began spraying a yellow particulate irritant into the air, leaving Ignis and Vicriax with a faceful of particulate each and Abar choking. Vicriax dragged Abar to safety. Klaitos tried and failed to clear the air of the irritant, but was able to resist the particulate and a flashing explosion of light in his face. Ignis readied himself to fight, but was further attacked with a poisoned stabbing weapon, causing him to grow numb all over. Robin and Ekkels abandoned their hiding places to help their friends, alerting the janitor that something was happening. Nylian vanished just before the attack.