Session Log 2021-02-09

From After the Aether Age
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In the Mosaic Hall, Ignis studied the Emerald heraldry all the way back through an epochal storm to its progenitor, born of Gold and Sapphire. Robin stole Onox's Scale and Haxryn's Cursed Scale from the mosaic, the latter bound in cloak, and found a secret passage behind a tapestry, which Ekkels was able to confirm as trap-free. With Klaitos and the others lifting, Ekkels was able to squirm under the portcullis and warp the raising winch to an octopoid form, easily operated to admit the others. Abar used the security of the unpatrolled hall to divine the origin of the mirror-jamming effect, some 2 floors down.

At the bottom of the secret stair, Robin presented Onox's Scale as proof of authorization to bypass a security obelisk. The group entered a vast labyrinth, Vicriax providing the sole source of light, and attempted to follow the guard patrols somewhere useful. When they themselves cornered by those patrols, Ekkels sent the Little Dudes forth as a distraction, aided by Robin's auditory illusions and Klaitos's mysteriously stirring the air. Using this distraction, the group darted off into the labyrinth, avoiding the attention of the guards.