Session Log 2021-01-21

From After the Aether Age
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In the darkness, Ekkels's chaos magic confused the shadow creature, and Klaitos, Robin, and Ignis were able to damage it by breaking the statue in which it was originally housed. Ignis dealt the finishing blow, tossing a ledger ignited by Vicriax's firebreath directly through its "head".

The group poked around the bottom floor of the tower, and Ekkels was able to find a hidden door into the fortress wall. They followed the wall to another door, peering through which they could observe trios of guards patrolling the castle grounds.

Robin was able to sneak past some of the guards, and found an entrance to what appeared to be some kind of a kitchen. Regrouping, they plotted how to smuggle all 7 of them through without raising the alarm.