Session Log 2021-01-14

From After the Aether Age
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As planned, the Tireless Knight was able to skydive onto the fortress of Onox's Eye, evading the otherwise omniscient security. The rest of the infiltrators teleported in, and Abar teleported him - heavily damaged by the silenced impact - out.

The group was able to cross a precarious decorative arch to a tower where no guards patrolled. They climbed down the darkened tower, taking a few scrapes and bruises from rough landings floor to floor. In the gloom, they discovered a dragon's firepit bed half-surrounded by a wall of mirrors. Further down, they found a floor of absolute darkness. The Lantern Eye revealed a vague shape, but it immediately lashed out and disabled the scanning Eye. Vicriax was able to breathe glowing golden fire into her hands, revealing the rest of the room, but as soon as Ignis stopped eclipsing the mysterious shape - a leering statue of a dragon - its shadow, cast upon the wall, swelled and lashed out at her.