Session Log 2021-01-07

From After the Aether Age
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Contacting the Mirror Skull, the party convened with Vicriax of the Gokden in the stone chamber below the Forges. Accompanied by Abar and the Tireless Knight, she described the current circumstances of the Eye of Onox. Onox had withdrawn and sealed off his court to all but a few shipments and visitors, and few reported dealing with him directly. He was receiving the council of the Onyx bloodline, which she believed indicated a significant level of counterespionage preventing any meddling with those shipments and visitors. Onox had ensconced himself somewhere deep within the fortress, avoiding the world to hide from those that killed his brothers.

Vicriax went on to outline her League's infiltration plan - send the Knight skydiving, then teleport to him with Abar's aethertech. She was pleased to hear that Klaitos and Robin might be able to help provide cloud cover, flying over. She noted, however, that she had very poor intel on the layout of the fortress interior, save for visits to the formerly public-facing sections as a member of the Council of Fuel.

Abar explained that the Mirror Skull was prevented by some unknown ward from drawing near the fortress, and that she had a secondary goal of finding and disabling the source of the ward so that the Skull might wreak havoc in the mirror-lined halls of the Eye of Onox.

Abar and Robin were able to convert one of the looted Torch uniforms into the uniform of an Emerald guard, though Vicriax cautioned that the guard and staff were all reptilian humanoids and difficult for mammals to impersonate.

Abar and the Mirror Skull drew a complex runic sigil on the back of the receipt. She explained that presenting it before him and speaking his name would activate it and lock his access to the power of the Council of Flame. This was given to Robin.

Nylian spent the meeting and the night keeping guard outside.