Session Log 2020-12-17

From After the Aether Age
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Reeling in their success, the party decided to enter the city and celebrate their victory. Ignis helped Tigni destress a little after bluffing their way through Starthrone, and then left her with the ship as the party descended to carouse.

The party found the streets of Twinpyre lawless - the militia being needed elsewhere - and full of public intoxication, gambling, and other such vices. Robin was able to play a con on several tables of drunken gamblers, cheating in cards and plying each table of losers with a round purchased with their own money. Ekkels enjoyed himself in the company of the jester's guild. Ignis and Klaitos attempted to join them, but Ignis's unsolicited and improvised cover story made them think that Ekkels was their child laborer. One jester gave Ekkels his Cap and Bells out of sympathy for such a station in life.

Heading further into the city, the party found a celebration around a plaza bonfire, in which an officer of the Torch Militia was tied to a pole and paraded around by his mutinous underlings. Robin was able to spot and grab the Torch Officer's Keys from beneath the display using a simple illusion of a cat. Ignis, compelled to spur the street anarchists to revolution, was able to stir some sense of camaraderie among those mocking the officer but disturbed others. His speech, however, was enough for the captive officer to recognize the wanted terrorist. The patrolmen chased him down a side street, Ekkels following behind to protect his friends. Klaitos and Ekkels were able to show off enough destructive power that the patrolmen were deterred, and Ekkels was able to obtain numerous Torch Militia uniforms.